You are stuck in a room. On the door is a keypad with all the letter of the alphabet and the enter button. The word is 7 letters long. To her left, is a table v a note. The keep in mind reads: Sulfer Carbon Iodine Einsteinium Nitrogen Cerium ~ above the other side that the room is a billboard. On the billboard over there is a note pinned come it. ~ above this note, that says: After fixing the keep in mind upon the table, remove a letter and also you will be free.” What is the code to escape?

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You and also nine various other individuals have actually been recorded by super intelligent alien overlords. The aliens think humans look fairly tasty, however their human being forbids eating very logical and also cooperative beings. Unfortunately, they"re not certain whether girlfriend qualify, therefore they decide to give you every a test. Through its global translator, the extraterrestrial guarding you tells you the following: You will be put in a single-file line encountering forward in dimension order so that each the you have the right to see anyone lined up ahead of you. You will certainly not be able to look behind friend or action out that line. Every of you will have either a black or a white cap on her head assigned randomly, and I won"t tell you how many of each color there are.When ns say to begin, each of you should guess the shade of her hat starting with the perso
by BerriesEmulous of reputation Grand
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by BerriesEmulous of fame Grand
Imagine Johnny, a party clown, is carrying three pieces of gold each item weighing one kilogram. While acquisition a go he concerns a bridge which has a authorize posted saying the bridge can hold only a best of 80 kilograms. John weighs 78 kilograms and also the gold weighs 3 kilograms. Johnny reads the sign and still safely overcome the bridge with all the gold. Exactly how did he control this?
What go everyone that reads the following statement have in common: "I don"t agree with this statement"
A rich guy in Arabia died, leave a keep in mind for his three sons. The reads: "I have actually 17 camels. The huge brother can obtain a fifty percent of all, the middle can get 3rd of all, and also the youngest can gain a nine of all." The brothers room left dumbfounded, because 17 can not be separated by 2, 3 or 9 without anything left. How deserve to the brothers resolve the problem?

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