The speak of (16), because that example, might have to be mistaken in thinking that the hearer would have actually wanted come eat the entirety pizza.

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Husbands left for occupational after this meal, and the youngsters had a smaller meal at roughly 7pm - pizza, fishfingers and chips, spaghetti, pakoras, eggs and also biscuits were mentioned.
Time spent in the 4th segment, the pizza search, stood for a dependent change and, therefore, to be left cost-free to vary.
Undergraduate students coded the measures of latency, helping/sharing throughout the an initial three entry segments, and also behavioral regulation during the pizza search segment.
for example, anecdotal examination of the data shown that just aggressive/rejected girls hid the pizza from the confederates throughout the pizza search.
Proportions were supplied for emotion-related data because they far better represented children"s overall level of behavioral regulation throughout the pizza segment than frequency counts.
These instances are from corpora and also from resources on the web. Any kind of opinions in the examples do not stand for the opinion of the thesaurus editors or the University push or that is licensors.




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