GENERAL: There room some general qualities that space true because that all varieties of algae. First, birds grows much more rapidly in warmer water. Second, the absence of chlorine promotes algae growth. Due to the fact that of these 2 factors, birds is a much more serious problem in the summer than in the winter months. Third, algae is killed by chlorine, but the chlorine is consumed in this process. This is the key reason why therefore many world fail in their treatment of algae. Every one of the algae have to be killed while over there is still easily accessible chlorine, or the remaining algae will start to thrive again.

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Yellow Algae

YELLOW ALGAE: This is the most common form of birds we see and it is very difficult to kill. It shows up together a yellow or mustard color, typically on the shady next of a pool wall or in the corners of the steps. It have to be brushed into solution for active killing to take it place. A high chlorine contents will normally kill this algae, but the usage of “Yellow Treat” or “Jack’s Yellow Stuff” will rate up the process. These products activate the chlorine, but likewise consume the chlorine very rapidly. The is extremely important that the chlorine residual be tested the day after treatment, and if the level is low, the pool must be shocked again. A second brushing and treatment might be necessary.

Once the algae is killed, few of it will be caught in the filter, but since the dead birds particles are so fine, lock will settle to the bottom that the pool, usually showing up as a gray or brown dust. This have to be vacuumed and it could be advisable to usage a filter aid, or a clarifier to try to assist trap these little particles. Filter cleaning is then necessary.

Green Algae

GREEN ALGAE: This is when the color of the water turns a green and also usually opaque color. Plenty of times, environment-friendly algae and also yellow algae happen together. In general, therapy for eco-friendly algae is the same as because that yellow algae.

Black Algae

BLACK ALGAE: Many civilization mistake various stains for black color algae. Black algae virtually always shows up as spots, native pin-head dimension to 4 minutes 1 size. It looks and also feels like tar. Bigger gray spots room not black color algae. Black color algae have the right to only be eliminated by burning it out v high chlorine concentrations, or physically scraping it off or blasting that off with a press cleaner. Typically, you must use “tri-chlor” or “Algae Kill” or “Algae DestroYer”. These assets are a really high concentration of slow-moving dissolving granular chlorine. Therapy is to shut turn off the pump come still the water flow, then to water the tri-chlor over the affected areas so that it drops to the bottom and lies on the algae. Obviously, if the algae is ~ above the political parties of the pool, this treatment will no work. Right here you must rub the area with a chlorine tablet, or usage a high pressure water spray under water to remove the spots.

Red Algae

PINK ALGAE: This is very rare. It in reality looks pink, or light red. Pink algae is actually a fungus rather than one algae. It needs to it is in treated just like black algae.


Obviously, avoidance is preferable come treatment. In most cases, algae have the right to be prevent by keeping a high chlorine residual throughout those times when algae development is prominent. The is likewise important because that the customer to shock the swimming pool regularly and especially after heavy rains.

We should indicate that the customer use a preventative during the summer months and also probably every year long. Ours “60%” algaecide is a good product. Initinally, use half the bottle, then 4 come 6 ounces every week, depending on the size of the pool.

It is extremely essential that the client understands that chlorine therapy cannot occupational if the pH the the water is no in th 7.2 to 7.6 range. It no matter how much chlorine is used if the pH is end 7.8.

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Also, make sure the customers carry out not usage algae destroyers, prefer “Yellow Treat” together a maintain product. If lock do, they will have actually a complicated time maintaining a chlorine residual.