Chapter 12ProPerties the Matter12.1 PropertiesofSolidsAll matter is comprised of tiny atoms and also molecules. In a solid, the atoms or molecule are closely packed, and also they continue to be in place. This is why solids hold their shape. In this section, you will certainly learn how the properties of solids room a result of the actions of atoms and also molecules.Matter has actually physical and chemical propertiesVOCABULARYphysical nature – attributes that you have the right to observe directlychemical properties – attributes that can only it is in observed when one substance changes into a different substanceCharacteristics of matterPhysical propertiesPhysical changesDifferent kinds of issue have different characteristics. Castle melt and also boil at a wide variety of temperatures. They might be different colors or have different odors. Some deserve to stretch there is no breaking, while rather shatter easily. These and other properties assist us distinguish one problem from another. These properties also assist us pick which sort of product to use for a specific purpose.Characteristics the you deserve to observe straight are called physical properties. Physical properties encompass color, texture, density, brittleness, and also state (solid, liquid, or gas). Building material can often be identified by your physical properties. For example, water is a colorless, odorless substance the exists together a fluid at room temperature. Gold is shiny, exists as a solid in ~ room temperature, and can it is in pounded into really thin sheets.A physical readjust is any adjust in the size, shape, or phase of matter in i m sorry the identification of a problem does no change. For example, once water is frozen, it changes from a fluid to a solid. This walk not readjust the water right into a brand-new substance. That is tho water, just in hard form, i m sorry we contact ice. The change can conveniently be reversed by melting the solid water. Bending a steel bar is one more example the a physical change. The bar is tho steel, even after it is bent.Properties that have the right to only be observed when one substance changes into a various substance are dubbed chemical properties. For example, if you leaving an iron pond outside, it will at some point rust. A chemical residential or commercial property of steel is the it reacts v oxygen in the wait to form iron oxide (rust). Any adjust that transforms one substance right into a different substance is called a chemical readjust (Figure 12.1). Chemical changes are not conveniently reversible.

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Rusted iron will certainly not revolve shiny again, also if you eliminate it native oxygen in the air.Chemical properties270 Unit 4 Matter and also EnergyFigure 12.1: Physical and chemical properties of iron.