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Directions and Information:As effective illustration agent and also soothing ointment, apply Quret to affected area.For young skin irritations, sunburn, etc. Place tiny amount ~ above fingertip, dive in water, smooth ~ above area. Repeat application twice a work or together needed.Ingredients: Petrolatum, Beeswax, Castile Soap, Tallow, Rosin, Methyl Salicylate, Chlorothymol.Quret is great for illustration out skin boils, splinters, slivers, an insect bites, and also other skin eruptions, consisting of poison ivy.Most boil medicines only carry out pain relief. Quret helps gently and safely draw out boils, offering you lengthy term relief. And also Quret is also good for boy cuts and also scrapes.It"s all organic formula has been a medication cabinet staple since 1918, and continues to deliver results to generation after ~ generation. Use Quret on poison ivy and comparable ailments to elimnate itching and also promote faster healing.Treating skin boils is Quret"s most well-known usage. Left untreated, skin boils can come to be severely infected and also cause other serious wellness problems. Also, skin boils are extremely painful and also unsitely.I an initial learned that Quret 25 years ago when I started working together a pharmacist. People used Quret for drawing skin boils and other skin eruptions, to draw out splinters, because that ingrown toenails, and also bee stings and an insect bites. I use Quret myself, and have never had actually a dissatisfied cutomer in 25 years. - Don VanderLaan, Registered Pharmacist, Walgreen"s, Muskegon, MichiganWe have actually used Quret in our first aid room because that the previous year and have uncovered it to it is in all the is declared for it. Employee often reduced themselves ~ above the edges of paper which is an extremely painful...Quret heals these quickly and also relieves the pain in ~ once. - M.E. Peterson, main Paper Company


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