If you wanna tell us what next of the car you need a component for, simply say, appropriate or left. Every directions are shown as if you are sitting within the car. To revolve right, you use the ideal blinker, which is on the ideal side the the car.

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Many world feel puzzled when discussing which side of the vehicle they have to buy a component for. Part feel that is ideal to call out “driver” or “passenger” to shot and gain clarity.

The difficulty with this is, not everyone’s car has the driver’s seat on the same side! we mostly resolve Japanese cars below at Heeltoe, and in Japan, the driver sit on the right. “Driver’s side” would possibly buy you the dorn side.

Some can say, “Hey, this is ‘Merica! we all drive on the LEFT side.” Well, the is true if you live in America or many other nations on Earth. But, the income of JDM cars to the united state is ~ above the rise. Likewise, Heeltoe pearl parts almost everywhere the world! We’ve got customers in the UK, Japan, and even plenty of places such as Barbados and also Jamaica whereby they might be control just about anything. As customer service experts, how are we to clearly know what next is the driver’s side?

If friend wanna tell united state what side of the automobile you require a part for,just say, best or left. All directions are indicated as if you space sitting inside the car.To revolve right, you use the best blinker, i beg your pardon is ~ above the appropriate side that the car.

Wherever this id that appropriate would require any much more clarification than the surface definition baffles us. The must have actually been started because someone didn’t recognize right native left, and also started calling the driver’s side because that left.

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That’s it! so don’t get perplexed by looking in ~ the former of the car and thinking your right is the best side the the car. And also next time you speak “I require a left fender,” and also the guy behind the counter asks “driver’s side?” say, “No, left side.” It might be fun.

FUN FACT: Honda component numbers are coded in together a means that the first 5 number tell girlfriend what a component is. Bumper, piston, emblem, etc. If over there is a right and left for a part, the ideal side is alwaysnumerically reduced number. So because that a 1997 Honda public headlight: