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The ambient waiting temperature (AAT) sensor measures the temperature of the external air. One or more of your car’s computer systems use this information for functions, such as ambient temperature display screen on your dashboard and also automatic climate regulate operation.

If you conference the P0073 code, a potential problem has to be detected v the AAT sensor or the circuit. Will certainly the P0073 influence your vehicle’s drivability? find out much more about the error password P0073 v this short guide.

What does the P0073 code Mean?

Diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P0073 means “Ambient wait Temperature Sensor Circuit High.” It suggests that there could be a problem with her vehicle’s ambient waiting temperature (AAT) sensor or the sensor’s circuit.

Automatic climate regulate systems have made it simpler for customers to select the right temperature for their vehicle’s cabin. One only requirements to choose their preferred temperature and also the mechanism will do the rest. Usually, the computer system that controls the climate control system is the Climate control Module (CCM). It handle the vehicle’s heating and air air conditioning components, the blend and also vent door positions, the pan speed, and other connected elements.

A faulty climate manage system is a typical symptom of password P0073.

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How come Diagnose the P0073 Code

Diagnosing OBD-II codes like P0073 is an overwhelming because you need to narrow down the problem to a certain root cause. Offered the list of possible causes, it have the right to take rather a while because that the mean DIYer to gain to the bottom that the P0073.

Fortunately, troubleshooting does not need to be a daunting task, particularly now the there room a the majority of repair guides, subscriptions, and even virtual tutorials available. If you looking to learn much more about the engine code P0073, you’ll find the video source below quite useful:

How to fix the P0073 Code

There is no solitary solution because that OBD-II codes because vehicles are developed differently depending upon the manufacturer. Special features and additional components also have differing configurations. Hence, it’s important to monitor the fix instructions specifically produced your vehicle.

If you’re a seasoned DIYer, you have the right to avail of a repair overview subscription to help you deal with the P0073 code. These repair travel guide have thorough instructions and also diagrams, to add other useful suggestions. However, if you’re no that i was sure in your repair skills, you can have her mechanic execute the task for you.

Other Notes about P0073

The P0073 has a middle repair importance level. This means that this error code will not impact your vehicle’s drivability. However, it can offer you and your passengers an uncomfortable driving endure as it significantly affects the climate control system.

An in-depth Look in ~ the AAT Sensor

The AAT sensor is a two-wire sensor through a an adverse temperature coefficient resistor positioned so that it reads the external air temperature.

One that the two AAT wires receives around 4.6 volts indigenous the ECM/PCM, tool Cluster, body Computer, etc. And also the various other wire is a recommendation ground, additionally from the module the sensor reports to.

The reason it’s slightly much less than the 5 volts yielded to three wire sensors is that there is a resistor within the ECM/PCM on every two-wire sensor feed.

Because the sensing resistor is negative temperature coefficient, the resistance that the sensor is decreased as it gets warmer. As the resistance walk down, so does the voltage measured in ~ the module receiving outside air temp info from the sensor. Reduced voltage way hotter ambient air. Greater voltage means colder air.

If the sensor is disconnected or if a cable is chewed or reduced leading to the sensor, the voltage registered by the module tops the end at 4.6 volts, which is same to -40 degrees (-40 Fahrenheit is exactly the exact same as -40 Celsius).

The ambient waiting sensor is typically placed in front of the radiator and has to be on vehicles for many years. But even on more recent vehicles, this sensor very rarely reports ambient air temperature straight to the ECM/PCM, therefore you’ll probably never view code p0073.

The ambient Temp sensor will commonly throw a B (body) code quite than a ns code. For simply one example, on a 2006 Ford Explorer, the instrument cluster reads ambient wait temperature indigenous the AAT sensor and will set a B1255 password for an open up Ambient wait Temp Sensor.

If you perform see password p0073, you’ve probably acquired severed wiring, the sensor is unplugged, or the sensor is inside open.

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