Famous for:  In 1870, valve Trump along with Stevens becomes the very first successful documented climbing party to summit mountain Rainier.

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Also remarkable for: His friendship with John Muir and also early involvement through the Sierra Club.

Lived: 1838 – 1916

Philemon Beecher van Trump

Born in Lancaster, Ohio in 1838, Philemon Beecher valve Trump, additionally known as P.B. Van Trump moved to Washington territory in 1867. He accepted a project as a private secretary to Marshall F. Moore, the seventh governor of Washington Territory and Van Trump’s brother-in-law. It to be the summer of that year van Trump an initial saw mountain Rainier and also began his obsession v climbing it. Van Trump created (documented in Aubrey L. Haines’ hill fever: historic occupations of Rainier- Oregon Historical society 1962):

On the descent the following day, van Trump slipped and also fell on a snowfield sustaining some injuries.

That an initial true vision of the mountain, revealing so lot of the glorious beauty and grandeur, that is mighty and sublime type filling up nearly every one of the ar of straight vision, ede up indigenous the plain and out the the green forest till that lofty triple summit towered immeasurably above the it s as beautiful as picture foothills, the westering sun flooding with gold light and also softening colors its lofty summit, rugged sides and also far-sweeping flanks — all this impression me therefore indescribably, enthused me for this reason thoroughly, that ns then and there vowed, almost with fervency, that i would sooner or later stand upon its glorious summit if that feat were feasible to person effort and also endurance.

On respectable 17, 1870, valve Trump together with Hazard Stevens verified that feat was indeed feasible as they ended up being the first documented people to ascend and stand on mount Rainier’s 14,411-foot summit. It was an arduous adventure that required the 2 (ill-prepared for the cold) to invest the night on the mountain in the summit crater hunkered under in a cavern warmed by sulfur steam. ~ above the lower the following day, valve Trump slipped and fell top top a snowfield sustaining some injuries.

While van Trump’s 1870 climb of mountain Rainier had actually its challenges, that evidently didn’t dissuade the from return visits. The made four much more documented trips to the summit including one in 1888 in which the guided conservationist and also Sierra society founder john Muir to Rainier’s summit. Van Trump and Muir preserved in touch afterward and had an affect on each other. In 1891 van Trump supported for national park status for mount Rainier and worked v Muir to expand forest preservation (precursors to national forests). In 1893 he join the Sierra Club and served on the club committee to produce a mount Rainier national Park. The park involved fruition in 1899.

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Van Trump maintained a solid attachment to the mountain and also the brand-new park. He worked for part time greeting tourist at a tent camp in Indian Henry’s hunting Ground to functioning as a seasonal ranger. Failing health led him to return eastern to be through his relatives. He passed far in 1916 in ~ the period of 77. Valve Trump Park, valve Trump Creek, and also Van trumped Glacier on mountain Rainier are all called after him.