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Michael Reed+3July 31, 2021

The regulators break and freeze up often, maybe because I supplied my stove everyday being homeless. It worked well for around a year.


Regulators space cheap and also grill grates space spaced too much apart, tiny pots autumn through the space.

Mine to be okay, yet 2 regulators broke in a year and a fifty percent and they"d frozen up in the summer a lot.

Basically you obtain what you pay for. For $27.99 i can"t complain. If it wasn"t for the poor regulators it"d it is in a an excellent stove. I offered it in my time all winter lengthy as a heater also. It operated fine.

I saw the price of this, climate the Coleman i beg your pardon cost about 75% more money. So naturally I went v the Ozark Trail. Well, friend live and learn ns guess.


None, first time used.


October 22, 2020

adam kerker+2

September 20, 2020

Haven"t had a trouble with that for around 8 years now. Just searching for a rubber o gasket kit is all ns need.

Paul Marciniak+4

November 9, 2019

The regulator that was produced for this range goes bad, and any other regulator or propane attachment will not to the right this stove. You can not buy a replacement. And even if friend could, the will additionally go poor after numerous uses. However I do have a work-around.

Work-around to negative Ozark Trails regulator: to buy a Coleman 5430 Regulator in ~ Walmart because that $16. Gain a 6-inch item of automotive 5/16"i.d fuel line hose and four small clamps. Cut the steel tube (with a metal saw blade) on the Coleman and also Ozark Trails regulators at the halfway mark.

Put together your regulator through the Ozark Trail"s gas fitting half, and the Coleman regulator half, utilizing the fuel line hose and four clamps. Slide/twist each half into the water tap to the halfway note on the hose. A slim coating of motor oil helps v this. Use two clamps in ~ each finish of the hose.

Now you"ll have a quality regulator the is quickly replaceable in the future.

No troubles for four years now. Would have offered 5 stars if simpler to take apart for finish cleaning.

WOW, first off, had actually mine for 4 years now. No troubles at all.

Noticed some human being say girlfriend can"t to buy a new regulator tube. Well read your operation instructions that came v the stove. The part number for the pipe is in there. LOL check out your paperwork that comes v your equipment, it"s a no-brainer.


Welcome to, Ron. Sounds like you"ve had a good experience with your stove.

4 years ago

I assumed I obtained a an excellent deal since it is for this reason cheap, however after third camping pilgrimage it began acting strange. First the burner will not irradiate up native the piezo igniter, climate it fire gets weaker and also weaker climate it go dead.

I tried an altering fuel canister, cleaning the regulator, check the burner and fuel line, however the same problem.

It appears that this regulator has a little plastic switch that sits on height of a tires valve held in place by the regulator spring. If droped in a method that causes the spring to move, the button falls turn off the tire valve.

Remove the threaded insert native the bottom that the regulator through a metric deep socket and also shake the end the button. Put a very little dab that super adhesive in the switch hole and place on peak of the tire valve.

When that dries, be certain rubber gasket is in place, use a small thread sealer, and also screw insert ago into regulator body.


Wow... Emotion pretty stupid... Did not read all of this. I bought one and also used that once. Next day tried to usage it again and guess what... The regulator walk bad.

Took it back, gained another, lugged it home, fired the up, it worked. Proved my son how to rally it 15 minute later and .... Yep, you acquired it, the regulator to be bad.

What a heap of crapola.

Our camping 2 burner cookstove lasted just a couple of camping trips and the regulator has gone bad. Why can"t we uncover replacement parts? walk camping again in a couple of mainly so i guess us will have to buy a new cookstove, guess: v what the won"t it is in an Ozark trace it will be a Coleman.

Also bought a Ozark Trail time this year and collection it up in the earlier yard just prior to we go camping and also pole broke. Time went ago to Walmart and we purchase a Coleman. Us won"t purchase any an ext Ozark Trail assets ever again.

We purchase the Ozark oven 2 years ago and in ~ the first 3 months the regulator broke. Ozark warranteed it and also sent one more at no charge. Fourteen month after buying that the second regulator broke and Ozark would offer us an additional for 17.95. NO THANKS.

Our Ozark stove got light duty and was treated kindly so that must have actually defective regulators to have two rest so easily. Am going back to Coleman. Also, ours old Coleman we retired after plenty of many years of faithful organization would placed out more heat 보다 these Ozarks.

I to buy this product and also the an initial time of being out of package someone stole the connection line and also the (bottle the propane). Due to the fact that then the oven is completely useless as the save of purchase and other sporting an excellent stores do not lug the connection necessary because that this stove. Stove has never to be able to be used except to collection dust.

The stove part is fine. The regulator is literally the cheapest point they might possibly build. Couldn"t cost an ext than 30 cents.

Wal-mart was marketed out that Coleman dual stoves.

Almost destroyed the camp breakfast. Fortunately i work approximately propane and also propane accessories and also I was able to eliminate one tire-type stem valve from the regulator and also get it to work. But I would certainly NOT introduce this method for amateurs. That can get out the hand easily. Watch out for this one.

I purchase the 2 burner and also used it three times and the regulator go out and I can not find another one anywhere. Can some one please tell me wherein I can find one? give thanks to you country436

I bought this small stove since it was cheap, point blank. I used it with the canisters for a while and was an extremely surprised as to the efficiency of this stove.

The downside to the oven is that ineffectiveness in windy conditions, you need something come block the wind native it. The upside is it readily takes the mass hose i beg your pardon you can hook come a 5 or 10 gallon propane cylinder. I usage mine day-to-day in cooking and it has never allow me down.

I check out some the the other reviews and also quite frankly, i haven"t had the concerns the others have. Possibly if friend buy one and take a bit much better care of it, it won"t let you down and also give friend the good service mine has.

The Ozark trail camp stove have to not be provided as your just piece of cooking equipment since it doesn"t work. Ns bought one and also never took it out of the box until ns took it camping and also it to be useless, the canister would certainly not affix to the oven arm, the threads were poor from the factory on the arm. A item of junk is what I contact this stove, a brand-new stove never used and also never will be since you can"t obtain a part for it. What a ripoff!

We cooking on a open fire that trip, however next time I will certainly take mine old white fuel stove and have mine coffee as planed. Anything Ozark Trail renders will never be in mine camping equipment again. What i do have actually is walk in the trash where it belongs.

I purchased an Ozark trace campstove 2 year ago. Operated fine first time. Went ago to lake and also was walk to usage it again and wouldn"t work. Regulator assembly wouldn"t work.

Drove all the way back come Walmart, couldn"t discover part. Had actually to purchase one more campstove just to use the regulator assembly the end of it. Checked out lake critical weekend with new stove and also now regulator doesn"t work. Currently I have two stoves and also can"t use either one because u can"t uncover parts with it.

Somebody need to refund my money. Will certainly not buy an additional one of very same brand ever before again.

I was archery hunting in the middle of nowhere and the 2nd time, ever, i go to light this oven the regulator craps out and also will no supply gas. Never ever will ns buy one Ozark follow product again.

I have actually only started having some troubles with that lately since I had actually bought it last year. The only problem is v it not getting any kind of gas come the burners. Once it does get gas to the burners the gas functions for a little bit and then the fire goes out fully and climate you have a difficult time relighting them v no luck. The price and also stove is cheap enough where you deserve to replace it with one more one and also does the task really well and also am very happy through the performance. This stove also serves well as an emergency chef stove because that the house as well. So remember if you use it a lot of then things will undertake out.

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UPDATE august 21, 2007:

In regards come this product I had reviewed and commented on, i have found a method to obtain the regulator functioning again. The regulator has to be cleaned v a wet sponge and additionally the gasket have to be cleaned as well. Within the end where the screw-on piece goes into the stove it has to be swollen out and the little brass item that is top top the regulator needs to be tightened through hand together well. Do sure every one of the regulator is cleaned turn off of all or any dirt or debris that may be current on the regulator.