We’re gift asked to determine theoxidation state the manganeseinMnO2 (manganese (IV) oxide).

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The rules for oxidation says are together follows:

A. Basic Rules:

1. Because that an atom in that elemental type (Zn, Cl2, C(graphite), etc.) O.S. = 0

2. Because that an ion (Li+, Al3+, etc.) O.S. = charge

B. Particular Rules:

1. Group 1A O.S. = +1

2. Team 2A O.S. = +2

3. Hydrogen O.S. = +1, with nonmetals

O.S. = –1 v metals and boron

4. Fluorine O.S. = –1

5. Oxygen O.S. = –1 in peroxides (X2O2, X = group 1A)

O.S. = –1/2 in superoxides (XO2, X = group 1A)

O.S. = –2 in other compounds

6. Group 7A O.S. = –1 (except as soon as bonded come O)

Since Mn2O3 is neithera peroxide or superoxide,the oxidation state of every oxygen atom is –2.

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What is the oxidation variety of manganese in MnO2?

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