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Buy 1 oz silver Round | Indian Head style (.999 Pure) - Mason Mint

The "Indian Head" style 1 oz silver Round recreates the well known "Indian Head" architecture by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, however in silver form. This round is make in the U.S.A., and also is struck from 1 trojan ounce of .999 pure silver. Part of the standard Design series of silver- rounds readily available by Gainesville Coins, this beautiful round provides buyers the chance to see one of the top designs in U.S. Coinage without spending a mint.

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The turning back of the ring depicts Lady Liberty in an American Indian headdress, with, "Liberty," emblazoned across her headdress"s band. Above her room thirteen stars, representing the original 13 colonies. The reverse of this silver- round recreates the of the Saint-Gaudens $10 yellow piece, with one vital exception: listed below the eagle is the weight and also purity the the round, "one trojan ounce .999 good silver," instead of a confront value.

An American outright Eagle perches ~ above a bundle that arrows, which is entwined by an olive branch. The mottoes, "In God us Trust," and, "E Pluribus Unum," appear to either next of the eagle, and, "United states of America," appears above the scene.

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Please note this is a replica of an initial design. Not an official federal government issue

Please note: This round is not an official federal government issue, but still includes 1 oz of .999 good Silver.