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"Older Women" is a track written by Jamie O"Hara, and recorded by American country music artist Ronnie McDowell. It was released in June 1981 together the an initial single native the album an excellent Time Lovin" Man. The track was McDowell"s eleventh nation hit and also the first of two number one songs on the country chart. The solitary went come number one for one week and spent a complete of ten weeks on the nation chart.

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Older women, room beautiful loversOlder women, lock understandI"ve been approximately some, and also I have actually discoveredThat older women recognize just how to please a man.Everybody seems to love those younger womenFrom eighteen on up to twenty-fiveWell i love "em too, however I"m tellin" youLearnin" exactly how to really love, bring away a tiny time.

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So baby don"t you worry around growin" olderThose young girl ain"t gained nothin" on you"Cause it takes part livin", to get great at givin"And givin" love is just where you might teach castle a thing or two.

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Ronnie McDowell Ronald Dean "Ronnie" McDowell (born march 25, 1950) is an American country music artist. That made his debut in 1977 through the song "The King Is Gone", a tribute to Elvis Presley, who had died not long prior to the single"s release. Indigenous that solitary onward, McDowell charted more than thirty peak 40 hits on the Billboard country music charts. 2 of his singles – "Older Women" and also "You"re Gonna damage My negative Reputation" — reached Number One top top the country charts, when eleven much more reached top Ten. That has also released much more than twenty studio albums, and also has been signed come Curb Records due to the fact that 1986. More »

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"Older females"

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