Hey everyone, I have a 2007 dodge ram 1500 with the 4.7L v8 in it. I am having an issue that I am hoping that someone with more knowledge can help me with. I recently got the code p0430 check engine light come on in my truck. The code is for inefficient catalytic converter bank 2. after talking to multiple sources and doing research, everyone said that there is a 90% chance that the converter is bad and would need to be replaced. I replaced the converter and the code came back on the same day. I furthered investigated this issue by using my scanner and looking at the voltage of the 02 sensors on both banks of my exhaust. When I did this, I noticed that my downstream sensor on bank 2 was acting weird at start up and while driving it. The downstream sensor has the same voltage as the other sensor before I start the truck, but once I start the truck the sensor loses most of its voltage within a minute or so. Sometimes the sensor with show 0.035 or so volts but nothing compared to the same sensor on bank 1 which is .685-.7 ish. When I drive the truck on the interstate the sensor will sometimes show flashes of it working......if I accelerate on the throttle it will jump up and match the bank 1 sensor 2, but then it will fall back down. The upstream sensor is working in the same fashion as the bank 1 upstream sensor so it can not be that sensor causing the issue. I figured that I have a bad 02 sensor since I am losing voltage at startup so I replaced the bank 2 sensor with a new one. I drove it on the interstate and it still did the same thing......I included a live data chart in this post to try and show what is going on....the check engine light did not come back on but it did same "pending code" on my scanner and it was the same p0430 code.....It is now clear to me that there is a communication problem with the pigtail that connects to this sensor. There is either a problem with the computer on the truck with this sensor (which seems unlikely to me since all of the other three sensors work) or there is a problem with one of the wires going from the computer to the pigtail. It does not appear to have any cuts or burns in the wires as far as I can see.I am not sure what I need to do next.....I do not know where/how to test the wires or see where the ground is for the pigtail.

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I have tried to find more information but have had no luck. I do not want to take it to the dealer and pay a lot of money to just have them look at it....they will probably assume its a bad computer and charge a lot of money to replace it..Some help in the right direction would be great! Thanks so much!