L> neck Gas Stoves - O"Keefe & Merritt Owner"s ManualO"Keefe & Merritt Reprint manual O"Keefe & Merritt Owner"s ManualExamples the O"Keefe &Merritt Vintage antique StovesCLICK HEREFOR REPLACEMENT parts FOR her O"KEEFE & MERRITT STOVEWe have reprinted the operation instructions portionof a 1950"s O"Keefe & Merritt gas oven owner"smanual.This hands-on covers the features found on a varietyofmodels in this era.This 22 page booklet contains: basic instructions for the care and use the the stove just how to irradiate pilots & reset security valves care of the burners, griddle, broiler, porcelain & chrome exactly how to use the height burners, simmer burners, automatic clock, signal timer and also Grillevator broiler general cooking & baking instructions including pan location in oven table the weights & measuresReprint manual #1$25.00 + $1.00 P&Horder formFully restored antiquevintage stoves are accessible for sale.Reporcelain / Porcelainservice for her vintage neck stoveRechrome / Chrome servicefor her vintage neck stoveSee exactly how we regain thevintage styled stoves that we sellHave a great time lookingat part our beautiful vintage neck gas stovesO"Keefe & Merritt antiquestove west Holly retro stoveClassic Wedgewood stove Tappan antiquegas range Customcolor green Roper Dixie Apartmentsize cooktop 1950"s Vintage AristocratO"Keefe & Merritt stoveGlossary the stove part names.If you don"t understand what your antique appliance part is dubbed thiswill helpView our complete line that antiqueappliance partsGas Leak Detector, Shut-OffValves, replacement Mini Pilots, replacement Thermostats, ThermostatBlock-Off Kits, Teflon Tape, Flex Gas Line, Propane or NaturalGas Regulators, Thermocouples, Adapters & Clips, Burners andGasket Sealer.Porcelain Sockets, Bulbs,Range Wire, warm Shrink Tubing, prepared Lights, Switches and CeramicWire NutsOven Door Spring, Cables,Rods, & cooktop - selection InsulationO"Keefe & MerrittGriddle Knobs, Knob Rings, Handles, Salt & Pepper Shakers,Oven Door Handles, warmth Vent consist of & Oven and also Griddle Glassfor your antique stoveOld initial partsfor vintage stovesReprint manuals are availablefor O"Keefe & MerrittWestern Holly stovesThermostat guides because that Robertshaw,Grayson,Wilcolator & Lorain thermostats.Guides for InternationalAutomatic cooktop Timer & worldwide Interval Timer.Illustrated help Section forremoving your thermostat security valve burner valves clock andor timer & burner headsAssessment service for the valueof your standard vintage stove.Check out AboutAntique Gas Stoves section for questions around antique stoves& rangesShipping services for partsor shipping that your brand-new restored range - we carry out shipping an international of our completely restored. Vintage antique gas stovesPrintable shipping labelsfor sending out your antique stove parts in to it is in restoredRebuilding ar for yourthermostat security valve burner valve clock and also timerRepair of your burnerheads - grates - simmer caps restoredVisit ours Coming quickly sectionfor stoves that we room going to regain or stoves that space inthe reconstruction process.Read our commonly Asked Questionsto antique Gas StovesSee what we room cookin increase onour siteHow to contact us in ~ AntiqueGas StovesExamples of O"Keefe &Merritt Vintage neck StovesExamples that Wedgewood AntiqueGas StovesExamples that WesternHolly Vintage StovesExamples that Roper ClassicGas StovesExamples the Tappan Retro StovesExamples of neck ChambersStoves