1. "O Captain! mine Captain! our fearful expedition is done;

The ship has weathered every rack, the prize us sought is won;

The port is near, the bells i hear, the civilization all exulting"

a) that is the persona?

Ans. The usual mass who are eagerly wait for the Captain come return for his "fearful trip", room exulting upon the port.

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2. "My Captain does not answer, his lips room pale and still;

My father does not feel my arm, he has actually no pulse nor will;"

a) What is the relationship between the captain and the persona?

Ans. There is no an individual relationship between them. The captain is here the American president Abraham Lincoln and the persona is the poet, that is just a common civilization of Lincoln"s state. Also these 2 never fulfill with each other.
Ans. The captain does no answer because he is no more. He is assassinated in 1865 after the American civil War.

c)What words would you usage to describe the atmosphere of these lines?

Ans. This lines reflect the tragic mood of the persona. The words prefer "pale", " still", "does no feel", " no pulse", "nor will" describe the mood of the lines.
Ans. In the poem, "O Captain! my Captain!", the two different moods are described an extremely clearly. The mood on the shore is fully different from the atmosphere on the ship. The human being on the shore room exultiny, eagerly wait for the return of the Captain indigenous the fearful voyage. Lock decorated the shore through flowers, palys music through the usage of trumpet and all.
On the other hand, the delivery is gloomy and also mournful. The captain lies dead, over there is no sound, no voice .....only the crying is heard. The deck is becoming red with blood.

4.Which is the most regularly repeated phrase in the 2nd stanza the the poem? What result does the poet wish to develop through this repetition.

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The poet Walt Whitman desire to create a fantastic though mournful script to salary a homage come the good American Presiden, that was placed to fatality in 1865.


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