Trend Watch: The power of Product Placement—A Lesson indigenous Nurse Jackie July 12, 2009 by Cynthia Sliwa
One could well be skeptical around the performance of a product placement in a television collection or film once the product doesn’t receive instant identification, if any, beyond perhaps a written point out in a cable of undifferentiated credits in ~ the end. Yet a recent experience renders me rethink the strength of product placement because of the affect of society networking.

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The Showtime collection Nurse Jackie, featuring the especially talent that Edie Falco, starts every episode with a vignette that shows Jackie prepare for work. Jewelry numbers prominently in the vignette: She place on a pair that hoop earrings and a chain through a spiritual medal, and also she removes and also pockets her wedding band. The ring removal directly relates come the plot, and, in a much more subtle way, the earrings and necklace also carry out clues as to the personality that the character.




Nurse Jackie, put on an intriguing bit of jewelry>


The hoop earrings imply to me that Jackie desire to watch professional and polished at work. They room an ideal size, not too large, not too small, in a style that would certainly pass muster in any professional environment. Nurse Jackie is viewed wearing other earrings in assorted episodes, consisting of a small pair the teardrops. Probably there’s a various message in the motif.


While the earrings space attractive, the is the religious medal, the pendant on a chain, the is of details moment.


The spiritual medal relates to Jackie’s occupational at all Saints Hospital, which, by its name, is a Catholic hospital. Return Jackie, as shown by she behavior, is established as a lapsed Catholic, she medal shows an affinity for her religious upbringing and, that course, additionally relates come her location of employment.


I was curious around the medal, which appears to be affected by each other the image of a saint. The Nurse Jackie web site gives no clues as to the design on the medal. In act some study on the Web, I conveniently learned that i am not alone in mine curiosity. The question is post in several networking web page by individuals looking to discover out just what is the picture on the medal. The medal has created a little bit of a buzz in the social networks.  


As the this writing, no one on any of the networking sites has come up with an answer, and also Showtime has, hence far, continued to be mum. Ns wasn’t may be to uncover what looks prefer a direct complement on any kind of website I visited that sells spiritual medals.


I’ll provide my ideal guess here: ns think it may be the picture of our Lady of mountain Carmel, among the names by which Mary, the mommy of Jesus, is known and also revered. (The Carmelite spiritual order was established in Ireland in the 13th Century.) What provides that image specifically apropos is the is serves as a little of an inside joke, in the Edie Falco is famous for play the mam of the lead character in the HBO series The Sopranos. The surname of she character: Carmela Soprano.





If anyone can definitively recognize the image on the medal, please do chime in with a comment.

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The viewing public has a curious streak. A pair of hoop earrings may be attractive enough for someone to desire to understand who designs and also produces them, yet something a bit an ext unusual and mysterious yes, really gets the curiosity stoked. Therein lies a lesson around product placement and the power of society networking.