The non Sibi Sed Patriae Navy naval Corps Challenge Coin was produced for our other sailors and Corpsmen. The ax “Non Sibi Sed Patriae” is Latin for “Not for Self, but for Country” If you room in the navy or even sailed at sea in a MEU drinking and also fighting roughly the world, this coin is for you!

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Non Sibi Sed Patriae Navy naval Corps Challenge Coin

The no Sibi Sed Patriae ancient Liberty united state Navy challenge Coin point out the united state Navy’s link to the history, lore and also fighting heart of the sea warrior of legendary past. The ancient coin that the United states Navy. Some coins define the time and history of the period they were produced in. Some nautical challenge coins specify a people, a civilization or a culture of sea-going warriors that have become mythical. Transparent the ages as men have actually gone come sea to fight their adversaries top top the waters, seas and also oceans the the people their first rule was to effective navigate harrowing tides to with the enemy. Not constantly successful in the case of the Spanish Armada together it relocated to English shores only to be sunk through English seas and deadly winds. The roman Trireme cruising to battle its adversaries to just be sunk in Aegean or Mediterranean waters. Perhaps it was the Phoenicians the encountered troubles as soon as delivering seasonings to the productive Crescent can not to with quiet and peaceful shores. The 2nd rule the the sea warriors to be to victory the battle. To carry out so meant having actually the right men at the helm, the right warrior top top the deck, the sword drawn and also the shield elevated ready to board the enemy warship and collection anarchy aboard the opponent vessel it encountered. Later it to be the cannon, musket, and cutlass that would victory the day. This particular day it is the missile, torpedo, naval air and also the sophistication of contemporary day naval an innovation that turns the birds in a sea war. All of these battles and are included in this old naval coin.

The joined States has actually such a navy force and it has actually its ancient background and traditions and also the spirit and backbone of its sailors to with a successful outcome. That is what the non Sibi Sed Patriae ancient Liberty us Navy an obstacle Coin speak to in its well-off and old look.

Our Values

Devil Dog Shirts has actually the ship to be Honorable and also Committed come our fellow Marines. We strive come perpetuate the Warrior Ethos in ours Corps by developing the finest gear a gun-slinger deserve to buy! every one of our apparel is made in America. Our team at devil Dog shirts appreciates the chance to offer our fellow Marines, families, and supporters. Thank you and Semper Fi!

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Our Gear

Spartan Warrior Ethos an obstacle CoinDeep 3-D Relief through Antiqued Silver and also Gold Plating1.75″ customs Coin, 4mm in ThicknessCoins marketed IndividuallyLicensed and Approved by the united States naval Corps Trademark & Licensing

Interested in purchasing the full collection of us military old warrior coins? please find over all ancient warrior coins for each armed forces branch that deserve to be ordered in ~ the very same time.