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New to the site.Just had a quick question if there"s a rapid fix for the gas tank latch.When ns pull top top the latch my gas tank door doesn"t open. I deserve to hear it click however it just seems favor it"s stuck. Deserve to anyone assist on this?Thanks.


misalligned fuel door here as well.just pop it open by tapping steady on the top-left corner of the door, similar to a benz.
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this taken place to me one time. All ns did to be pry it open up (gently) and the tiny "Springy" coil that is attached to the gas cap was twisted up. That acts as a feather to open the door once you pull the lever. It is what to be wrong v mine, yours might just be the misalligned door =/
Yeah exact same thing taken place to me the various other day, yet i just pushed the left side and also it opened and hasent gained stuck since
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04 3.5 SE SuperDuperBlack
- 20% all roughly - internal LED - VIAS UnDeleted - black Chrome Dash - LED Tails -
Mine didn"t occupational for years and the dealer couldn"t settle it. Pull the end the ago seat and take a look at wherein the cable operation from ~ above the left side of the car. Mine to be pinched under the clip that was an alleged to hold the cable. Since I put the cable in the exactly position, no problems
“Mine didn"t work-related for years and also the dealer couldn"t resolve it. Pull out the earlier seat and also take a watch at where the cable runs from on the left side of the car. Mine was pinched under the clip the was supposed to organize the cable. Due to the fact that I put the cable in the correct position, no problems”
“I solved it by opening the auto door, and fixing the cable under the doorjam. The plastic item (runner) mr off. The cable to be off there, even though it sounded choose the cable to be trying to pop the door open by the gas cap door.”
How need to I begin diagnosing this? check to see if the feather clip is functional? choose I said many of the time the mechanism works and the door opens. Appears as if the spring were to be messed up, it"d prevent working all together.Where should I look to view if the cable is in the correct position. The 2nd quote above suggests it"s running on the within of the automobile while the 3rd post above suggests it"s running exterior the auto under the rocker panel.Thanks for every the help in advance. Sorry for bumping together an old article but it seemed like a better idea than beginning a new redundant thread.