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99 frontier 4x4. Like the title says the brake lights stay on all of a sudden. Is that the switch or is the a symptom of something else. Thanks in advance

Look under the dash at the brake pedal and where it engages the brake switch. The plunger that the brake move presses versus a plastic plug that presses in a hole in the brake pedal arm. Sometimes, the plastic gets brittle and breaks or drops out of the pedal arm, so the brake move plunger goes through the feet in the pedal arm quite than gain depressed by the plug, leading to the brake lights to remain on. It"s a reasonably common problem. The Nissan part is #46584-5P010
. Express to component code "46512" on the diagram attached below:
Thank you really much. I"m certain that is precisely what that is. I remember seeing that piece broken on the carpet when I looked under there. Many thanks again. Have a day

I"m sure you addressed it through now.My 2 cent from hand-operated experience v this ~ above daughter"s "98 Pathfinder and also my "98 Frontier: solving by epoxying a coin to cover the hole and also actuate the move is easier than inserting a bolt and also nut come do comparable job. Though i haven"t do the efforts the breakable factory part, ns think inserting the would likewise be a pain, really cramped, and also awkward position.smj999smj - why execute YOU think Nissan designed the this way, instead of just letting the pedal steel depress the move actuator?


I can"t call you desire Nissan engineers think, but, perhaps they figured the actuator plunger would certainly wear much less pressing against a plastic plug 보다 a steel pedal lever?

Maybe a plan to have failures in the future and also make service department $$$ replacing the actuators and maybe part batteries??? and also maybe sell various other services as soon as vehicles room at the shop???For example, my 1988 Mazda B2200 truck has actually an emission "malfunction indicator light" that comes on at mileage intervals that coincidentally loss at the mileage wherein a Mazda organization writer might suggest it"s time for a timing belt readjust (every 60K). "And once we do the time belt sir, us recommend a brand-new water pump (so coolant readjust needed), tensioner, idler, and new drive belts...."

Nissan offered to have actually them, too, year ago. The "oxygen sensor warning light" was basically a service reminder that come on at 30,000 mile intervals. There to be a tiny module in the absent panel v a switch on it to reset it and also after the third or 4th reset, you would certainly unplug it. It"s yes, really no various than any other service reminder manufacturers usage in its function. Larger Nissans likewise had 60,000 mile timing belts and also it"s typical practice today to replace the water pump, tensioner and also front seals with the timing belt. Ns really don"t think the was the idea for utilizing a plastic plug in the pedal lever, as they typically last ten years or better.
I"m sure you fixed it through now.My 2 cents from hands-on experience with this ~ above daughter"s "98 Pathfinder and my "98 Frontier: solving by epoxying a coin to cover that hole and also actuate the move is simpler than inserting a bolt and also nut to do comparable job. Though ns haven"t do the efforts the breakable manufacturing facility part, ns think inserting that would likewise be a pain, an extremely cramped, and awkward position.smj999smj - why perform YOU think Nissan designed the this way, instead of just letting the pedal stole depress the move actuator?

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