I currently live in Bloomfield, NJ and I'm plan a road pilgrimage (6-7 nights) under to Charleston, SC and also back. Ns figured my very first stop can be have de Grace, MD and I would love to visit Asheville, NC. Ns would prefer to no drive longer than 4-5 hours per day. Would anyone introduce a route/plan and/or must see places? I favor the mountains oppose to the coastal.

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There is no way you deserve to do this expedition in 6-7 days and visit Asheville by just driving 4-5 hrs a day. Control time consisting of a protect against in Asheville is practically 15 hrs. That's 3 job of driving in ~ 5 hrs a day. Ring trip, the eats up your 6 days.

If I readjust it come 7 nights and have someday driving over 5 hrs I think it deserve to work. What do you think of the arrangement below? (Since I've never been ~ above a road trip, I'm not sure what to expect, so I desire to make certain my arrangement is doable.)

I was thinking probably drive to Harve de Grace, MD (2.5 hours) because that the day then head to Roanoke, NC (5 hours) and stay because that the night. The following day journey to Asheville, NC (3.75 hours) and stay there an additional night. Then to Charleston, SC (4 hours) for 2 nights. Charlotte (3.75 hours) because that the day, then drive to Raleigh, NC (2.5 hours) and stay the night. Drive to Richmond, VA (2.5 hours) and also stay because that a night. Journey to and stay in Frederick, MD (2.5 hours) for our last night. Then home which will take around (3.5 hours).


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3.Re: assist Please! new Jersey to south Carolina Road trip
6 year ago
*Roanoke, VA

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4.Re: aid Please! new Jersey to southern Carolina Road pilgrimage
6 year ago
I would stop Dc traffic----driving up to Frederick, MD would have actually you go v DC i m sorry will revolve this drive right into a nightmare.

Is the doable---sure---but this is alot that driving.

From richmond Id rather look at driving us 301 to the eastern shore that MKaryland where you can either continue to be along the east shore or follow me the beaches in Delaware. You could take the Lewes ferry throughout Delaware bay to NJ as part of the expedition home.

My personal preference...Id just focus on Savannah and also Charleston for the trip and have to longer driving days up and back..

The evening before you take off from job-related drive 3-4 hrs along 301 preventing for the night. Following day drive under to Charleston. After 2-3 work there, go down to Savanah for 2 job then start your drive house as one of two people one long driving job or 2 shorter days overnight in an additional city (Richmond or Raleigh)

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5.Re: assist Please! brand-new Jersey to southern Carolina Road pilgrimage
6 year ago
Driving come Roanoke, VA from Harve De Grace, is a 7 1/2 hr drive not 5 hrs.

Also, leave Asheville, driving under to Charleston & earlier to Charlotte is back tracking and a finish waste the time. If you carry out not have actually any particular plans in Charlotte, then I would recommend you spend that time in Charleston, no Charlotte. Nothing lot there because that a tourist uneven you are visiting who or attending one event. Very same thing v Raleigh--not much for a tourist.

This is definitely out that the norm because that a road trip. 1) this is a totality lot the driving because that such a short duration of time 2) I'm curious come why you have actually chosen few of the destinations for overnight stays and also visits (maybe you are remaining with family or girlfriend which would certainly make perfect sense). 3) you have actually not permitted any extra time because that the unexpected prefer miserable website traffic backups on 95. I would protect against 95 as lot as possible.

If friend add an ext driving time each day, girlfriend will be able to spend her time in areas like Asheville and Charleston (even Savannah). Control 2.5 hrs and staying in a city like Richmond, just doesn't make much sense.

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When room you acquisition your trip? If pretty soon, make certain you examine our road problems in the NC hills as they still can get snow well right into Spring. If sufficient snow, there will certainly be roadway closures and also you will desire to stop those areas.