I have actually a brand brand-new New Holland 3045 Boomer tractor and I have actually to change filters in ~ 50 hrs which is not far away v all the snow plowing I have been doing.. I know a oil, hydraulic and fuel filter will price a fortune in ~ the dealer therefore does anyone know the part numbers because that these 3 filter thru NAPA is??Thanks
Compared come what friend paid for the tractor girlfriend might think about just difficult with brand-new Holland filters. I acquire mine here... Brand-new Holland components - ideal diagrams, pricing and also service!

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You can cross many anything here: filter catalog, filter cross reference, fuel filter, oil filter, diesel fuel filter, fuel filter cross referenceGet yourself a part number and also shop whereby you like.

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Buy the NH filters and also oil at the very least while it's under warranty. V what you invested for the tractor a few bucks an ext for the NH filters will certainly be nothing if you require the warranty.

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When I reduced my NH engine oil filter apart to look at how well it to be made, I discovered a very well made filter. Perhaps we get what we pay for.
When I cut my NH engine oil filter apart to look at just how well it to be made, I uncovered a really well make filter. Possibly we gain what us pay for.
did you likewise cut open the other brands to check out if there's a difference? there's a an excellent chance the the NH filter is make by the same human being who make the other brand.

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I have reduced apart Fram, ac Delco, Motorcraft, Purolator, Onan, Suzuki, NH filters and also others due to the fact that I began in the 70's. The Onan engine filter was made much far better than the cheaper filters. Suzuki motorcycle filters to be made much better than the aftermarket ones in ~ the time. There are brands ns feel for sure with and others I remain away from for my car and truck filters. There are plenty of short articles on the web cutting filters and comparing them.