listed below is a snapshot of the present conduit and also wire setup because that my brand-new underground organization into my residence with generator automatic transport switch and manual transport switch to allow me to move to one inlet.

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The conduit is all an extremely well secured through the ground and also the boxes. The piece of SER wire between the meter pan and transfer switch is only secured at the boxes.

What go code require that I execute to secure the conduit and/or SER? I"d favor to get that squared away prior to I call for inspection. Ns am in NJ and we monitor the 2014 NEC.


2014 NEC article 352.30(A) states that PVC conduit need to be sustained within 3" of every outlet box, disconnect, panel, etc. That additionally Includes strapping the 90% ells you have installed. I have the right to see the you have installed development joints for this reason the strap has to go over the joint to permit the share to increase with the grade.

Also the ground wire is attached over and listed below the growth joint binding the joint and also connection. You would certainly be much better off it is registered the ground come the building instead the the conduit as the comments have already indicated.

Good luck.


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