"Road to Glory" mode is quiet a relatively new addition to the EA sporting activities franchise, and also it mirrors in NCAA "14. The theory is awesome: relive her glory work in high school football, get recruited by schools and also work your way up the depth chart. You can even export your player to Madden.

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I made mine player the quarterback of the Odessa Panthers (yes, the team indigenous Friday Night Lights) and won the State Championship (Texas forever), recruited all along by increasingly an ext prestigious schools, much to mine delight.

Like i said, the theory is awesome. And the setting survives fine on the theory alone. Yet it has actually an dreadful lot hurting it.

Starting off as a high institution senior, the fluidity and game engine seem substantially worse than in dynasty Mode or a basic exhibition game - precise 10 years older looking. That reminded me the Madden "04. Cuts room not close to as fluid, the details of players are laughable and also the A.I. Seems genuinely much less intelligent, return the last part makes some level that sense due to the fact that it is high school players.

And yet it gets much better once you get to college - the slick-looking movements and cuts us have pertained to expect space suddenly back. I know if EA does not want to put a ton of advancement time into a high school setting, yet the discrepancy need to not it is in this large.


More 보다 anything, the setting is easy. Ns was a gun-slinging quarterback that threw 3-to-5 touchdowns (good) and 3-to-5 interceptions a video game (unbelievably god awful) and managed to earn myself the crucial "points" because that a scholarship to literally any kind of school in the country (like Alabama, USC and also Texas) by mainly 7 that the high school season - barely an ext than halfway through, through playoffs still to come. In the playoffs ns lead mine team to the Texas State Championship, except lead is most likely not the best word because in one game I had five interceptions, consisting of a pick-six, and lost a fumble. Mine team still winner the game.

Now I obtain it come an extent. This setting would drive world nuts if you had actually to execute flawlessly to get recruited anywhere besides Louisiana technology (the very first school to offer my player a scholarship, by the way). But it need to not have been that easy. I had the ability to sim the last fifty percent of the high school season because I had currently made myself a 5-star recruit despite averaging three picks a game.

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It does come to be a bit harder, however, as soon as you get to college. And much more realistic. If you walk to USC, you will be at the bottom of the depth chart and also probably not begin until her junior year. If you go to La. Tech, you will probably complete for the starting job as a true freshman. In spite of your high college career acquisition a far-reaching portion that time, this is where roadway to Glory setting really thrives.