Go because that the Red and share your positive FCCLA endure with your friends! walk For the Red, FCCLA’s annual membership campaign, provides incentives for members and chapters working to boost membership. Go For the Red empowers students to recruit, retain, and recognize members. Get started with a few of these an excellent ideas!


Sponsor a "bring a buddy" campaign. Have actually each member lug at least one friend to a thing or district/regional meeting and then encourage that human to sign up with FCCLA.Challenge every member come ask three other human being to join. The never harms to ask! define to students the walk For the Red membership campaign as an incentive.Volunteer to assist with brand-new student orientation programs, consisting of FCCLA as a potential activity for students.

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Hold a fundraiser later in the year and use revenues to reduce the expense of fees the following year.Organize a fun event with one more local FCCLA chapter. This event might be a management workshop, a community organization project, an occasion featuring assorted career pathways, and more.Ask local businesses to provide special discounts to members who show their FCCLA member card.


Design a "member of the week" program. Highlight the member"s interests, hobbies, dreams, and accomplishments during the week.Create a bulletin plank right outside your classroom. Post the successes of her chapter.Design a thing newsletter that can be sent out to every chapter members, their parents, school administrators and also board members, and community members.

Go because that the Red Awards

You could win an award when you go For the Red! Awards are presented each year to individuals and also chapters who have excelled in your recruitment efforts.

Individual Award

Individuals that recruit 3 or much more members can use for the individual award. All participants that satisfy the qualifications and deadline will certainly be entered into a illustration for one of the 3 prize options noted below. 5 awardees will be picked at arbitrarily from those the qualify. All awardees will be listed with an digital certificate of achievement.

Prize options:Air pods$150 Amazon gift cardJBL upper and lower reversal 5 speaker

Chapter Award

Chapters that boost their members by 10 (bronze), 15 (silver), or 20 (gold) members from the previous year can use for the thing award. All participants that fulfill the qualifications and also deadline will certainly be gone into into a raffle for a possibility to win among three $200 cash prizes. All chapter awardees will additionally be listed with an digital certificate the achievement.

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Bronze Level - 1 entry right into the raffle because that cash prizeSilver Level - 2 entries into the raffle because that cash prizeGold Level - 3 entries right into the raffle because that cash prize

All members who attend NLC will get a one-of-a-kind Go for the Red ribbon.

To apply, visit the Surveys/Applications tab in the FCCLA Portal. 


Members develop skills for life through: personality development, an imaginative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, helpful knowledge, and career preparation.