What is the name of dragon in shrek – space you having any idea around the Shrek dragon? do you want to understand the finish details about the Shrek dragon? then this write-up can be valuable for girlfriend to discover a lot around dragon now.

Generally, the dragon is the green-eyed, red-colored and also important personality in the franchise that Shrek fairy tale series. It has appeared in virtually all the parts. She is among the leading antagonists, who always look forward to do a girlfriend from the key cast.

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She is additionally donkey’s love attention in this fims. Dragon has showed up in Shrek franchises such together Shrek, Shrek 4-D, Shrek 2, Shrek the Third, Shrek the Halls, Shrek Forever After and also Scared Shrekless.

A dragon is an essential cast that a Shrek franchise, as it is a actors that appears in this franchise regularly. From there, keep things simple. If you desire to examine out this franchise through a regular appearance of the dragon, then it is best. Proceed further and find in detail about the dragon.


2 Biography

Name the Dragon in Shrek:

Pic Source: shrek.fandom.comImmense strength

In general, the dragon will certainly be big and it provides her enormous physical strength. Initially, Shrek tries to hold earlier her tail, however she quickly overpowers him. By using her tail, she can able to quickly destroy rock structures and also tries to catch the donkey. This dragon deserve to able to easily escape the dragon’s keep even being chained.

Fire Breath

The many feared and powerful ability of a dragon is breath fire. At the moment of her remain in the dragon’s keep, she is making usage of this ability to kill and also incinerate plenty of knights, that attempted to rescue Fiona. The fire this dragon breathes deserve to be easily effectively to fulfill the charming’s sword.

Prehensile Tail

She is having a lengthy prehensile tail and also is tipped v the spade the is more powerful to knock many solid buildings. She can also able to hold solid objects with her grasp.


Through she wings, she is having actually the possibility to fly choose a bird and can take trip long distances within much less period. When she built the partnership with the donkey and Shrek, she take it both the them and also helps lock to with duloc prior to Fiona marries Farquaad.


At the moment of protecting the dragon keep, she has eaten more knights. This donkey almost proceeds to eat the donkey, yet Shrek distracts she by restraining she tail. In to protect Shrek and also Fiona, she eats mr Farquaad. After doing so, she then burps the end his crown.


This shrek dragon is can not able come speak, however she is having the capability to recognize what other personalities are expressing. V roars and also body language, she can able to connect with lock easily.

She is also great at sneaking increase on anyone. Because that an instance, the dragon and donkey met near the lake there is no letting anyone hear her sound.

Enhanced Stamina

It turned the end that Dragon’s stamina was an extremely high once he was able to transfer Shrek and also Donkey to Duloc with no obvious signs that fatigue.

Expert Combatant

Dragon was a an effective fighter also due come her giant size and also has fought many knights in her life. Her fiery breath, jaws, claws, and also backend are specifically strong, making she a fierce opponent in battle.

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Enhanced Durability

Dragons are an extremely durable as body tissues and also scaly skin are very tougher than many dragons.