Here we have it Kardashian fans… a sneak optimal at Kardashian Kolours, the sisters’ an initial nail polish teamwork with OPI’s infant sister brand Nicole by OPI. Pictures from Khloe K’s website.

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As suspect the names are cheeky and the colors, sorry Kolours room kick-ass!


Top heat (l-r)

All Kendall-ed Up

 Sealed v a Kris

Kim-pletely In Love

Khloé had a tiny Lam-Lam

Kourt is Red-y because that a Pedi

Rainbow in the S-kylie.

Bottom row (l-r)

Disco Dolls

Listen to your Momager!

Wear something Spar-kylie

It’s All around the Glam

Follow Me on Glitter

Kendall ~ above the Katwalk

My Empire… my Rules

There space so plenty of colours I desire to obtain my hands and apparently this is only fifty percent of the range! ns love the watch of Rainbow in the S-kylie and also Kendall on the Katwalk.

Launched in the us in November 2011, hopefully they’ll struggle the UK soon after.

Bye dolls!

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Next in their pursuit for people domination the Kardashian sisters are collection to monitor in the footsteps of, er Shrek and Justin Beiber and launch their own selection for nail gigantic OPI.

Kim confirmed the news top top twitter critical week after reportedly shooting the promo product with Khloe and Kourtney. She stated “For the pond polish colors…just think glitz and glam. You males are gonna faint once u check out our brand-new polish.”

OPI, well known for their quirky names choose “My private jet” (believed to be Kim’s favourite) ,“Dating a Royal” and “What’s through the catitude”, the mental is on overdrive trying to imagine what those cheeky Kardashian’s will certainly come increase with. Maybe something like “Kim’s sex tape” or “Khloe loves sauseege”??? unfortunately we’ll need to wait till Christmas time to discover out.

Khloe Kardashian

Proof positive that the Kardashian sisters yes, really do have that nailed!


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I’m ready for some major backlash once I say this… however I’m starting to think that Nars commodities are seriously end rated!!?!? I assumed this after ns bought the Laguna Bronzer (and that crumbled to bits after two minutes), I especially thought it once I obtained their human being famous ORGASM blusher and also now i have branched out to their lip glosses, I recognize IT! I’m no saying the they aren’t good, I’m simply saying lock hyped come hell and don’t live approximately my expectations.

Like the Laguna Bronzer and also Orgasm blusher, Turkish Delight lipgloss is one more of their “It” products with a celeb and also cult following – reportedly a favourite of Kim Kardashian. Prefer Kim i LOVE pretty pink and nude lips, therefore I supposed this to mite all the boxes.

The colour i love. The a milky, baby pink – more like liquid floss 보다 Turkish delight.

It’s fine pigmented however it’s semi-sheer, an interpretation you have to use quite a many if you want to achieve the bottle colour. I think it’s finest teamed through a pale lipstick favor Mac’s Angel. It’s very comfortable come wear, no at every sticky, yet my main gripe through this product is its lack of remaining power. It lasts 2 minutes – you find yourself having to reapply frequently. Oh and it doesn’t smell also good.

I understand it sounds prefer I’m complaining for the benefits of it, I do like the lipgloss – the a good colour, yet at this price allude (UK sleeve price £18) it could do better, correction must do better. I’ll reap wearing it, yet there’ll it is in no repeat purchase.

I find it’s quite comparable to Revlon’s super Lustrous Lipgloss in Peach Petal which i love. It has a comparable creamy texute and also milky finish, however lasts longer and is a snip in ~ £6.99.

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Biggest revolution of the night compensation goes to Jessie J, who ditched the grunge look for a feminine one. Out with the black bob and also neon do up and in through wavy extensions and also false lashes. The strong eyebrows and big lashes were balanced perfectly with nude lips and soft cheeks. Love the brand-new look Jessie… don’t perform it choose a dude!

Girl of the moment and my brand-new beauty crush Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looked nothing much less than HOT! looking stunning in a satin Stella McCartney gown, she opted for a slique, bronzed look. Soft dewy skin, golden smokey eyes and bare lips… let’s face it, v those lips she doesn’t need anything else!

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