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fucking rip anime onlys hawks is gonna appear in the brand-new bnha movie

bnha is ultimately over

The review arc in mine Hero Academia works more as an example to follow for any type of content creator than it go an actual part of the manga’s story.

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For those of you who don’t know, the review arc (which right now hasn’t been adapted in the anime) is the longest, and darkest arc in mine Hero Academia. It was so dark that Horikoshi himself hated functioning on it.


Basically horikoshi wanted to compose his own “dark, long anime arc” prefer the people one piece and also Naruto have however then establish halfway through he couldn’t walk on composing it since it was depressing him. He wasn’t happy. It wasn’t doing any great for his self esteem.

He additionally writes about how the character Fatgum “saved him”, in his own words.

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So what i’m trying to say through this is this:

Content creators, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself, however put her mental health and wellness first. It’s far an ext important than your content. Nothing hesitate to take it a break from your work if it’s no making girlfriend happy.

(Btw read the totality interview it’s good stuff.)

bnha boku no hero academia mha mine hero academia review bnha fatgum bnha kohei horikoshi horikoshi
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bnha fandom: please horikoshi,,, ns beg you,,,, tell united state dabi is a todoroki already

Horikoshi, advertise the reveal even further under the line: actually dabi knows hawks’ real name

bnha fandom, adding a picture of hawks to the “dabi is a todoroki” concept board: god FUCKING dammit

bnha boku no hero academia mha mine hero academia WHAT IS walking ON????
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Currently having an argument against a mode in the bnha subreddit around the principles of the hero association and how they’re continuously using the youth and turning them right into child soldiers for their own personal gain

So you understand I’m having actually a normal one

bnha boku no hero academia mha my hero academia
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