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How come you acquire to "The Transfiguration Room" wherein you unlock Professor McGonagall and also where perform you obtain to the "Muggle good Room?"

you gain to the transfiguration room from the very same hall where reeta skeeter is, additionally whereyou gain to the dungeons. The door is in the top right. The muggle room is in the greatstaircase room more up 보다 the usual room entrance.

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I"m yes, really lost and I can"t find the Muggle products room. Is that by those transforming staircasesor on among those levels? I"ve looked and the only thing i can enter seems to beDumbledore"s office.

it is the tiny hut under dumbledores office actors reducto on the doorbelly point onthe next of the house and also it should turn green and also the door will certainly open. Dudly,mrs mason andmr mason are in the room and a yellow brick and also a red brick

Year 2 is absent a level? i can"t find the critical 4 gold bricks in Year 2. I go down tothebasement in the leaky cauldron and it says 20/24. Please answer this question cos i"m SOclose come finishing it! :"(

i think u should inspect the noticeboard. Girlfriend should have actually true wizard, student in peril andall the crests on all of the levels. If you do then ns cant aid you.

go external the door come the griffindoor typical room v the relocating staircase. Tide to thepicture and go increase twice. Usage Reducto to ruin the chest and Wingardium Levoisa totransport the wheel right into the wizard painting. The will move the staircase for you to walk up.The odd-looking door leader to the muggle goods room.


ok, go ny1 have the answer 4 wii?, i cant it seems to be ~ 2 acquire 2 the muggle items room, i thinkyou can only accessibility it through goals if not, exactly how do you gain to hogwarts v theleaky couldren?

You require to complete the game to perform this; go to the relocating staircases and go to the littledoor and also press the doorbell then walk in. Release are: yellow brick, red brick and 3characters (mr mason, grandm mason and also dudley)



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