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GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers practically came up six throws quick of the NFL document for the many consecutive happen attempts there is no an interception. However after Atlanta Falcons linebacker Deion Jones to reduce a sphere that nearly hit him in between the numbers on his jersey, Rodgers successfully threw on.

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On his 3rd pass attempt of the 2nd half, the tied Tom Brady"s NFL record with his 358th right pass there is no an interception. On his next throw, he broke it.

Rodgers" 359th consecutive pass without an interception to be a 24-yard touchdown come Randall Cobb to give the Packers a 27-7 third-quarter lead end the Falcons en course to a 34-20 victory.

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Rodgers came into the game needing 22 attempts without a pick to tie Brady. The to reduce interception through Jones in the 2nd quarter was his 16th pass of the game. Rodgers finished v his streak intact at 368.

Rodgers stated that on a streak as lengthy as his, there"ll be part close calls favor the one he had with Jones today.

"That wake up from time to time when you obtain a an excellent streak the interception-free passes, there"s walk to be a couple ," claimed Rodgers, that was 21-of-32 because that 196 yards v two touchdowns. "We had actually one against Arizona last week wherein sort of damaged out and also I was throwing rest in. Clearly it to be cold and also a small bit damp, the guy drops it. had actually a couple chances. One, Jimmy type of backed into the course a small bit on a sit end the ball. And the various other one, i was reasoning Jamaal was going to sort of go up and also back, and also he kind of satellite there. wasn"t looking and then right at the last second, thankfully, he take it his eyes back but didn"t gain a great look at it the totality time. You require a tiny bit of an excellent fortune as soon as you have a streak choose that."

Rodgers" last interception came in main 4 against the Buffalo receipt on a twice-deflected pass. It"s Rodgers" just interception of the season. He threw his 22nd touchdown that the season in the an initial half come Davante Adams (for Adams" 11th TD record of the season).

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Rodgers came into the video game ranked an initial in NFL background in touchdown-to-interception ratio (4.22) among quarterbacks through at the very least 1,500 happen attempts.