Are you curious about what color does red and pink do when mixed together? Stick approximately as us share through you the answer to her question.

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Anyone who works with colorful mediums to know how crucial it is come experiment v their materials: because that painters, using your paint and canvas come portray subjects you have actually never painted before.

Make-up artists can shot experimenting with their palettes to produce enchanting looks.

When it comes to experimenting, another exciting method to widen her horizons is to explore the results of mix colors. This is guarantee to help expand your palette, which have the right to offer a human being of possibilities for any type of artist.

Before us dive in let’s talk about color theory and also how mix colors work.

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Understanding the color Wheel

The best method to answer this is to talk about the most an easy aspects of color combination: primary, second and tertiary hues. These 3 groups make up what we understand as the color wheel.

Primary colors are additionally known together basics. This is since they room the basic of the second group, i m sorry is the an additional hues. According to this simple color theory, girlfriend cannot produce a main hue by mix others. The three primaries are red, blue and also yellow.


The finest thing around this combination is girlfriend can develop a livelier variety by adding an ext of the hue, or girlfriend can create a lighter and an ext muted color by including pink.

This can assist create a monotone palette.


Experimenting through colors, especially pink and red deserve to open up a human being of possibilities for any type of artist or designer. You deserve to use raspberry pink in your job-related by placing it next to its complementaries, consisting of versions that green, particularly mint.

This can develop a “bubblegum” design. In the hand of a experienced artist or designer, these two colors deserve to pave the means toward classy and trendy work.

Aside from combining the two in your work, friend can additionally use castle separately, albeit alongside each other. In inner design, you deserve to use the two to highlight facets of the room.

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By utilizing the depths hue’s sharpness come emphasize various elements, you have the right to rest assured the your occupational will have more depth and also dynamics.