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The third installment the the Midnight club racing game series by Rockstar games, Midnight society 3: Dub Edition has actually cheat codes that adjust your appearance and unlock every levels. However, if you desire to drive every vehicle, then you'll have to win every race at least once.


These cheats space for Midnight society 3: Dub Edition on playstation 2, however most information additionally applies to the Xbox and also PSP versions.

Midnight club 3: Dub edition Cheat codes

From the Options menu, choose Cheats and also enter these codes v the on-screen keyboard.

Cheat CodeEffect
kubmirAdd $1 to job money.
rimbukSubtract $1 from career money.
roadtripUnlock every cities.
urbansprawlFaster pedestrians.
hyperagroIncrease heaviness in arcade mode.
ontheroadTake no damage.
getheadlBunny ears.
trythisathomeFlaming head.
getheadkPumpkin head.
getheadmSnowman head.
haveyouseenthisboyChrome head.
getheadjSmiley confront head.
getheadnSkull head.
allinUnlock zone (special relocate for sport bikes, tuners, and also exotics).
RjnrUnlock Roar (special relocate for choppers and muscles).
dfensUnlock Agro (special move for SUVs and trucks).

VehicleHow to Unlock
1949 Chevy FleetlineWin the poor Boyz tournament in Detroit.
1957 Chevy Bel AirWin the san Diego phase tournament.
1968 Corvette StingrayWin the all American royalty races.
Atlanta Police CarBeat all the street racers in Atlanta.
Cadillac CienWin the Detroit City tournament.
Cadillac Escalade ESVWin the second San Diego tournament.
Cadillac Escalade EXT "DUB edition"Win the Hotlanta tournament.
Cadillac SixteenAchieve 100% video game completion.
Chrysler 300C "DUB edition"Win the Balboa Park competition in mountain Diego.
Chrysler ME Four-TwelveWin every 16 Exotic gyeongju in job mode.
Detroit Police CarBeat all the street racers in Detroit.
Ducati 999RWin the Hotlanta tournament.
El Diablo RigidBeat Vanessa 3 times in career mode.
Hotmatch Cuevito bikeWin all 4 of Phil's gyeongju in career mode.
Hotmatch Skully bikeWin all the Chopper the America Bike club races.
Kawasaki Ninja ZX 12RWin all sport Bikes club races.
Lamborghini MurcielagoWin the U.S. Champs Series.
Lexus IS300Win the mountain Diego City tournament.
Mercedes Benz CL 55 AMGWin all the SUV/Truck society races.
Mercedes Benz G55 AMGWin the large Playas.
Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG "DUB Edition"Win all the san Diego high-end Rollers races.
Nissan 02 SkylineWin all Tuner club races.
Police MotorcycleAchieve 100% video game completion.
San Diego Police CarBeat every the street racers in san Diego.

just how to Weave with Traffic

Press Right + Circle or Left + Circle while gyeongju to revolve your vehicle on its next so the you deserve to weave v traffic.

exactly how to journey on two Wheels

Press Right + L1 or Left + L1. Your car will pop up ~ above the left or ideal side, and you have the right to drive on 2 wheels.

exactly how to use the Argo Special relocate

Hit various other vehicles and also sidewalk clutter to charge the Agro meter, then push L3 top top the playstations 2 controller as soon as it"s complete to plow through any cars that obtain in your way.

exactly how to usage the Roar Special move

Charge the Roar meter through drifting. Push L3 when it's full to fear your adversaries with a monstrous engine rev.

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exactly how to usage the region Special relocate

Avoid collisions if driving to fee the ar meter. Once the meter is full, push L3 to slow down her surroundings so the you have the right to squeeze through narrow openings.