It"s been nearly a year since Midnight club 3: DUB Edition hit the shelves, and also seeing together the video game topped the charts earlier then it"s solid surprising that it"s getting a re-release ~ above both PS2 and Xbox at a reduced price point.

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But what is a small surprising is the Rockstar hasn"t opted merely to repackage it in a Platinum-branded box and also slap a various price sticker on top. Yes, MC3: Remix is cheaper 보다 the original video game at just £19.99 - however you in reality get much more for much less money.

Let"s emphasis on those extras quite than the main video game itself, due to the fact that nothing has changed there; when again, you gain to cruise with the night-time cityscapes of san Diego, Atlanta and also Detroit, picking your very own route through races, earning cash, unlocking new car classes, and generally pimping all manner the rides.

The points we liked around MC3 - kind visuals, stupidly rapid speeds, a solid online mode, that type of thing - room all present and correct; as, the course, are the points we didn"t. Because that a more thorough overview, you"re finest off taking a look at Kristan"s initial review.

The key attraction that MC3: Remix is without a doubt the new Tokyo challenge mode. Basically, you obtain a entirety extra city to discover in the same way as those in the original game - girlfriend view easily accessible races top top the city map, select the one girlfriend want, make sure you"ve obtained the right automobile for the job, climate zoom on end to the appropriate check point to get racing.

New for old

In 3rd place through the end up line in sight - it"s walk to it is in a nearby one...

MC3"s online mode has likewise been provided an overhaul. The basic event species are the very same - record the Flag, Tag, Paint and also Ordered gyeongju - however you gain a decent batch of brand-new maps to choose from. Course, girlfriend can"t play on them, or drive any of the new vehicles, if you"re racing against opponents who only have the original MC3 - but if everyone"s gained Remix, all of the brand-new content is accessible.

The final extra in MC3: Remix is the enhancement of 25 an ext songs to the soundtrack. You have the right to expect new tracks from the likes the Sean Paul, Lady Sovereign, Bloc Party, The Game and also even the Stereophonics (er, yes, because Welshmen to sing rubbishy old soft absent is precisely what we want to listen whilst zooming ring futuristic cityscapes in ~ 145mph).

All right, so brand-new songs aren"t all the exciting, and certainly not enough to do a game worth buying, but, girlfriend know, it"s nice they do the effort. We"re a bit disappointed lock left in the 2 songs by stunner old homophobe Beenie Man, however there you go.

Pimp mine price point

Sleek sports cars room all an extremely well, but sometimes you need a bit of a change.

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So there you have actually it - for your 20 quid, you acquire the complete version the Midnight club 3: DUB Edition, plus the Tokyo Challenge, extra vehicles and online maps, all of which include up to simply over 20% much more content than the initial game.

Even though MC3 failed to wow us spectacularly the first time around, that still quantities to a little of a bargain. Specifically when you take into consideration that one of the main difficulties of the original video game - the truth that that didn"t really offer much of a challenge - is remedied to some level by the truth that the Tokyo races are harder come win.

True, the visuals perform look slightly dated, especially if you"ve to be enjoying the shiny, shiny glories of task Gotham racing 3 that late. And also unless you"re a seriously hardcore Midnight society fan, the Remix isn"t really worth purchase if you"ve already got MC3.

But if friend missed the game the first time around, if you an elaborate a little bit of solid street racing action, and if you"re not up for too lot of a challenge, you can do worse than spending 20 quid top top Midnight society 3: DUB edition Remix. (Namely spending anything at every on SRS: Street racing Syndicate, if you were wondering.)