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This page consists of Metroid Prime: Hunters cheats perform for Nintendo DS version. Now we have actually 1 cheat in our list, which has 1 cheats code. Us hope information that you"ll uncover at this page help you in playing Metroid Prime: Hunters ~ above Nintendo DS platform. If you didn"t discover needed cheats placed request or asking question around this in ~ special ar of the game. Also you deserve to subscribe top top all new cheats that we"ll uncover for friend in the future!

Here is part codes

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------

920db418 00000100 120db08e 000004afd0000000 00000000 press R To optimal Up energy 920db418 00000100120db090 000004afd0000000 00000000


120db102 000003de120db106 000003de infite missiles


120db100 000003de120db104 000003de infite ammo second veapons


923fffa8 00002400020dafec 00000398 push Y because that Moon run d0000000 00000000


02046410 e3a0001e See v Walls


020c05ac 00003817 freeze Escape Timer


020e9744 ffffffff every planets open


d5000000 00000000c0000000 00000019d6000000 020ea74c Logbook 0% finish d2000000 00000000220ea7b4 00000000


d5000000 ffffffffc0000000 00000019d6000000 020ea74c Logbook 100% finish d2000000 00000000220ea7b4 000000ff

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Metroid Prime: Hunters Cheats


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