Click come see complete answer. additionally to understand is, go Melvin Franklin really dice in the kitchen?

Melvin Franklin passed far in 1995; 3 years before the relax of this film. That died after ~ lapsing right into a coma from numerous seizures, which were lugged on by his jeopardized immune system.

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Likewise, when did Melvin Franklin die? February 23, 1995

Subsequently, one may likewise ask, what did Melvin Franklin dice from?

Heart fail

Did Melvin Franklin have any type of kids?

David English Jr. Boy Niquos English kid Davette English Daughter Felicia English Daughter LaRissa English Daughter

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Did Blue really dice in the kitchen?

Melvin take it ill, lapsed right into a coma and also died 6 days later in hospital, not in his mother"s kitchen.
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How did Eddie Ruffin die?

drug overdose
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Which temptation remained in a wheelchair?

David Melvin English (October 12, 1942 – February 23, 1995) far better known through the phase name Melvin Franklin, or his nickname "Blue", was an American base singer.
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How countless of the initial Temptations room still lively today?

En español | Otis Williams is the last of the five original Temptations who still tours through the group, which performs 35 mainly a year. There have actually been 22 replacement Tempts end the years, but Williams has actually been a continuous throughout.
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Are any of the temptations tho living?

Otis Williams is the only remaining living member of the team who is still touring under The Temptations banner. Williams is alive and also well and also according to The Temptations" official website, he will certainly be hitting the road for a few dates following year in ~ the period of 76.
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Did castle really sing in the Temptations movie?

2. Did the other actors in “The Temptations" movie carry out their very own singing? Christian Payton, who played Paul Williams, did all his very own singing. DB Woodside, that played Melvin Franklin, layered most of his vocals.
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How did each member the the Temptations die?

Among the initial Temptations, only founder Otis Williams survives. Paul Williams committed suicide in 1973 at the age of 34. Ruffin died in 1991 that a drug overdose in ~ the period of 50.
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What occurred to Paul of the Temptations?

Death. On respectable 17, 1973, Williams was uncovered dead inside a car parked in an alley having just left the new house that his then-girlfriend ~ an argument. His death was ruled as an apparent suicide. According to Otis Williams, Paul had expressed suicidal think to him and Melvin Franklin months prior to his death.
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What occurred to Otis Williams son?

Williams married Josephine Rogers in 1961; the couple"s son, Otis Lamont, to be born the very same year. He and Josephine divorce in 1964. Otis Lamont Williams was a building worker who passed away by swan diving turn off the building in a workplace accident in Detroit in 1983.
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What is Otis Williams worth?

The famous vocalist because that The Temptations, Otis Williams has an approximated net worth of about $8 million dollars together of 2020. He has earned a huge amount of net worth out of his career together a singer.
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How plenty of of the temptations space dead?

Williams stands as the last making it through member of the group"s main point members, v Paul Williams dying by self-destruction in 1973, Bryant succumbing come alcoholism in 1975 and also Franklin and also Kendricks passing far from various health ailments throughout the 90s. Ruffin, meanwhile, died the a cocaine overdose in 1991.
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Did among the temptations kill himself?

With the death of Eddie Kendricks, age 52, from lung cancer yesterday, three of the team have now met at an early stage deaths - the gravel-voiced David Ruffin passed away last year native a medicine overdose, shortly after perfect a european tour v Kendricks and another previous Temptation, Dennis Edwards; Paul Williams killed himself
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How old is Otis Williams of the Temptations?

78years (October 30, 1941)
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What go Eddie Kendricks the the Temptations die of?

Lung cancer
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How tall is Otis Williams the the Temptations?

six feet tall
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Who has died from the temptations?

Otis Williams, Dennis Edwards, and the kids of David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks, Paul Williams, and Melvin Franklin attended the ceremony to expropriate the 6 Grammys provided to the group for the occasion. Former member Damon Harris died ~ above February 18, 2013, from prostate cancer in ~ a Baltimore hospital.

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Where is Melvin Franklin from?

Montgomery, Alabama, unified States
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What happened to Melvin blue native the temptations?

Melvin Franklin, the original bass singer that the perennially famous Temptations who anchored together hits together “The way You perform the things You Do” and also “My Girl,” died Thursday. Franklin died the heart fail at Cedars-Sinai medical Center, a main after he to be admitted following a series of seizures.
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