My GF had actually her 2017 Mazda 3 (Sport, 2.0L, 6MT) in ~ the dealer yesterday for a recall and also to download the Android Auto upgrade. Castle advised that the rear brakes to be pretty worn; she declined the work, discovering that we might take care of it. Components look fairly cheap, but I don't have a shop manual for the car, and I don't want any type of surprises as soon as I dig into it. Online info is how amazing scant and also unclear, perhaps because there space multiple variants of the brake setup depending upon where the car was constructed (Japan or Mexico; hers is Mexico) and if it has the electronic parking brake (hers does).

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I'm finding part indications the the rear calipers require the piston to be screwed ago in rather than pressed - walk anyone know specifically what tool I require to achieve this? how does the EPB factor into this, if at all? I observed something around a "maintenance mode" for some other concurrent Mazda products, yet nothing for the 3.

Finally, execute we have any kind of preferences regarding the commonly available RA brake brands?


For the device harbor freight has a caliper piston device set. Over there are other variants on the sector too including a cube point with pins that you can gain at any parts store. Generally you retract the piston till the spins freely. Then usage the parking brake multiple times to reextend them

How plenty of miles on this car?? I would certainly personally inspect them prior to buying new pads.

My experience is that rear pads wear at awaaayslower price than fronts.

In reply to Slippery :

45k miles. The rears room somewhat much more worn 보다 the fronts, despite hardly "almost metal-on-metal" as argued by the dealership. I number I'll execute them in ~ some suggest between now and also 50k. Parts are cheap sufficient that there's no should wait till they're completely done.

OK, finally got to traction the rear brakes apart, and ran into a problem. Ns bought the tiny cube thing, but it turns out the piston ~ above these requirements a three-pin tool, so the cube doesn't work. I can't discover any an excellent info on what device is needed, allow alone wherein to to buy one. There is shockingly tiny clear info out there about these cars. In any case, if everyone can suggest me to the right tool for this, I'd an extremely much appreciate it.

Looks prefer this one could work?

FCP Euro piston retract tool

If you require it appropriate away then I would certainly tryHarbor Freight.

Look choose a good option would certainly beto usage a huge screwdriver or item of flat stock.

if you ar it right into two of the grooves friend should be able to turn it until you can access the third groove.

Looks like breakthrough Auto sells castle too:

Caliper tool

Thanks because that the links. The just thing that concerns me is the none of the tools show that they work on the Mazda, nor do they list a diameter, for this reason there's a opportunity they won't fit properly. And also of course ns can't discover anything the does clearly state that it fits the Mazda. That sure seems they don't want people working ~ above their very own cars.

In answer to 02Pilot :

For $10 its precious a shot!

And I just found an answer to a question on Amazon because that the CTA device from the manufacturer that states it is not stated for the Mazda 3. That doesn't median it doesn't fit, yet it sure says it's no likely. I might still seize one - together you say, it's just $10 - however I'm still proactively looking for various other options.

EDIT: found this that looks come be adjustable and must fit. The only question is just how well it holds the convey under torque.

When I had actually a Mazda3 and also did the brakes, ns screwed mine in through angled needle sleep pliers. Really.Unless you're obtaining a lot of corrosion ~ above them, they should screw in quite easy as soon as the lid is turn off of the brake resivoir.

Brett_Murphy said:

When I had actually a Mazda3 and also did the brakes, i screwed mine in through angled needle nose pliers. Really.Unless you're acquiring a many corrosion on them, they must screw in nice easy as soon as the lid is turn off of the brake resivoir.

But walk you have actually the 3-pin setup? Mazda appears to have changed to the somewhere around 2016-2017; prior to that it to be a 4-pin, at least if the diagram I uncovered for a 2014 is to it is in believed. Also, this vehicle has an digital parking brake, which might or might not impact how tough it is come screw in the piston.

I don't recall, however if they record a adjust then i probably had actually the 4 slot setup.I'd try it, myself.

Brett_Murphy said:

When I had actually a Mazda3 and also did the brakes, ns screwed mine in with angled needle nose pliers. Really.

This ^. That’s every I’ve ever before used for that layout of retraction (RX7). Lock don’t generally need much force. My guess is the you’re overthinking this job.

I tried relocating the piston - there was resistance, even with the bleeder open. Ns didn't force anything, and perhaps this was for the best. Ns just uncovered this small tidbit; while it doesn't specifically describe the 3, it certainly suggests that there's much more to the job once the electronic parking brake is involved. Excerpted:

Mazda combined EPB device caliper servicing without a scan tool

Mazda offers a non-scan tool choice for 2016/2017 CX-5s come retract the integrated caliper earlier for service, the is very comparable to the process for Fords. This procedure deserve to be adhered to to go into maintenance mode.

Entering company mode:

1. Move the ignition ON, and also don’t touch the brake pedal (the engine should be off throughout the procedure).

2. Release the EPB. Note actions 3 and also 4 need to be excellent within 5 seconds.

3. When simultaneously pushing the accelerator pedal down fully, and also pressing the EPB switch and also holding both, switch the ignition OFF. You need to hold both the accelerator and EPB move in this position throughout the following step.

4. Switch the ignition ON, while maintaining the depressed pedal and EPB switch.

5. If you have done every little thing correctly you have to hear the caliper electric motors retracting. The yellow parking brake symbol through exclamation point will now be illuminated, indicating friend are now in maintenance mode.

6. Switch the ignition off.

NOTE: Mazda does not want the piston rotated when servicing the caliper, just pushed back. Rotating the piston may damages the caliper internal parts.

Exiting business mode:

1. Move ignition ON, engine off. Note procedures 2 and also 3 should be done within 5 seconds.

2. If simultaneously pressing the accelerator pedal down fully, and pressing the EPB switch and holding, switch the ignition OFF. You require to host both the accelerator and EPB switch in this position throughout the next step.

3. Move the ignition ON, while preserving the depressed pedal and also EPB switch.

4. You must hear the caliper motors performing the automatically adjustment and the yellow warning light must go out, indicating maintenance mode has actually ended.

5. Switch the ignition OFF.

Volvo with electric parking brake, it's method easy to unbolt the motor off the back of the caliper and use a torx socket to wind that back.

That is for this reason strange. The cube workedfor my girlfriend's 2015! an aside, Mazda brakes seem come be really annoying with the method you have to angle the brake pads right into their guide channels on the caliper. Take it me forever to get the pads to slip into place through the new hardware not sitting perfectly flush...

I just did the behind brakes on mine 2016 Mazda3 i m sorry was developed in Japan. It has the 4 prong piston, not 3 like yours is. It likewise has a manual parking brake.

In the previous on screw-in pistons ns would just use pliers/vice grip pliers and never had actually much issue. Through the Mazda3s, ns was can not to acquire the piston come screw init just kept spinning.

Eventually i went and also rented a caliper screw in kit (not the cube) i m sorry puts press on the piston while transforming it and also it to be a item of cake.

In situation you haven't already, remove your liquid reservoir cap before trying come spin the pistons in. Great luck!

Just to follow up on this, the procedure I listed above for putting the EPB in business mode does without doubt work, through one slight modification. To terminate business mode, girlfriend must lift up top top the parking brake switch quite than advertise it down as stated above. Otherwise, it's straightforward. Pistons push in quickly with pliers; no rotation necessary.

Glad you acquired it sorted.

And the factor it has three slot is so friend don't shot to reef the piston ago in v a typical 2 tang thread-in tool.

Happy to watch that Mazda has actually a non-scantool method. Many manufacturers don't.

Knurled. Said:

And the factor it has three slots is so you don't try to reef the piston earlier in v a typical 2 tang thread-in tool.

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Agreed, though it does do me wonder why they bother with the notches ~ above the piston face at all. Lock don't seem to serve any kind of purpose.

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