The 2004-2009 Mazda 3 a/c cabin air filters are reserved to be readjusted every 20,000 miles and they are covert sort of deep in the dash.

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Many early on models prefer the 2004, and also 2005 didn't come through filters, yet they deserve to be installed in those years too. I didn't find this out until I take it the totality dash apart, therefore it was a little bit of a surprise to pull out those empty plastic trays.

If her Mazda 3 a/c has actually a funky odor it's possible that her filter demands to it is in replaced.

For the 2010-2012 Mazda3, this is lot simpler. The filter is located in the very same area, yet you perform not have to remove the glove box or fuse panel.

Open the hood, pop turn off the battery cover, and also disconnect among the battery terminals using a 10mm wrench or socket.

For some, this may be optional. If this is your an initial rodeo v the Mazda 3's waiting filter, I'd recommend you eliminate the gloves box.

Start by removed the an elaborate dash trim panel. Tenderness pry it making use of your fingers, start at the center of the panel, working toward the driver's side. The clips must pull straight out the the dash.

The far finish on the passenger next doesn't pull straight out - it has a hook that slides out toward the driver's side (See action 3 below)





Empty the glovebox and also pull the off. It'll need a small effort, however it will pull straight out of the dash. There are a few clips that keep it in place.

Make sure you disconnect the gloves box light before you pull the box out.


Here's the gloves box light, squeeze out those tiny small prongs inside toward the bulb using a little flat head screw driver or similar.

This tiny cover is simple to remove, there room two tiny finger clips toward the prior on every side. Tenderness squeeze and also pull the panel off.

The fuse panel has 2 big plastic hand screws at each corner, ease them and also the panel will certainly swing down.

The fuse panel has 3 large and 3 tiny wire harnesses associated to it. We must disconnect castle to eliminate the panel.

The bigger ones have actually a huge plastic hinged shield that you'll have to rotate come disconnect them.

Remove the fuse panel every together. It's hosted in ar by these simple little hinge pegs. Just slide them forward and also up to get it out of the bracket.

Remove the 4 screws in the cabin wait filter cover. There room 2 in ~ the bottom and also 2 top top top.

You deserve to leave the connector attached, we'll just move the panel out of the way.

The filter come in 2 components that sit vertically within the box. Traction the an initial filter out by reaching into the hole and pulling ~ above this tab.

The second filter will loss into the place of the very first once it's the end of the way. Pull it out too.

Install the kick panel trim. On slide the rear clip right into the filter cover and install the plastic fastener.

Install the 2 large and one little connectors ~ above the top.

For the large ones, heat them increase on the fuse panel so that they sit together flat and also even together they can. Then gradually close the hinge making certain it same goes back into place.

For the little ones, insert them right into position and also swing the hinge while pushing the connector right into place. Make sure it seats totally into the socket. The plastic of the connector should not rod up previous the plastic of the fuse panel.

Those fuse panel connectors are an important to every little thing on the car. If lock don't gain seated correctly, ingredient goes wrong.

Mine thought the doors were open all the time and the A/C compressor wouldn't execute anything (even despite the light came on).

Turn the car on, check the lights, blinkers, dash lights, door ajar light and A/C.

If noþeles doesn't work, disconnect the battery again and quadruple examine those fuse box connectors. Re-seat lock and shot again.

Slide the box into place, watch the retaining clips on every side to watch it sit in the best place. Also slide things roughly a bit so that the appropriate side it s okay behind the trim panel properly.

Great article, thanks! There"s one slight change I would suggest:If you have actually a socket wrench v an extension, you can start loosening the bolts that organize the fuse crate bracket (step 13) before you actually begin to remove the fuse box (step 9). The bolts room exposed as quickly as you remove the fuse panel cover, mine were on very tightly, and also it to be a bit tricky getting at them with all the fuse dashboard wires dangling in the way.Similarly, you have the right to just tighten those bolts "finger tight" once you reinstall the bracket for the fuse box, and then yes, really tighten them when you"ve reinstalled the whole fuse box.I actually uncovered this idea by accident when reinstalling. Ns forgot to completely tighten the bolts till after reinstalling the fuse box. Thankfully, I witnessed I might actually acquire at them. I was not looking forward to remove the fuse crate again!Thanks again for the an excellent article!

Great short article - would have actually taken me every day there is no this article. Gained it excellent in around 2 hours.Longest filter replacement project ever. Someone need to strangle the Mechanical designers that design this car.

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The very first time I adjusted mine on my 2008 Mazda 5(nearly identical to the 3) the took around four hours and also was a very frustrating process. The 2nd time i hired a mechanic to do it. The biggest difficulty is access. I did not eliminate the gloves compartment. The hardest part was getting the upper filter to remain in ar so I might slide the lower half in. You do not have sufficient hands. I ultimately used a small piece of tape to secure the right finish up and also that worked. This filter is very effective and also I cannot imagine not having one. You may need come vacuum out the room their in, mine was full of leaves and debris. This is a really bad design by Mazda.Good luck.

Definitely seems favor this is just one of the harder cabin filters out there. Glad ns could assist you guys, and also thanks because that checking in!