Maya Angelou -- poet, educator, historian, author, playwright, activist, director and more -- had an outstanding entertainment presence among her countless accomplishments. (Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times)

Before ending up being a poet and also author, Angelou learned dance and drama. She was likewise a journalist and also teacher in Africa. Later, in 1973, she to be nominated because that a Tony because that “Look Away.” (Los Angeles time files)

In 1975, Maya Angelou hosted a collection of PBS documentaries, among which is “Who Cares around Kids & Kindred Spirits.” (PBS)

In an additional 1975 PBS documentary, Angelou interacts through the people of san Francisco’s Glide Memorial Church, “Maya Angelou: Rainbow in the Clouds.” (Charles pedestrian / PBS/WTVS Detroit)

In the opening illustration of the 1977 miniseries “Roots,” Cicely Tyson, left, play the mother of infant Kunta Kinte and also Angelou shown the grandmother. (ABC)

Angelou, v Winona Ryder and Ellen Burstyn in the 1995 movie “How to make an American Quilt.” It to be nominated because that a screen Actors Guild Award because that the cast. (Los Angeles times files)
Director Maya Angelou top top the set of Miramax Films’ 1998 movie “Down in the Delta.” (Ben note Holzberg / Miramax Films)
Cicely Tyson, left, Maya Angelou would team on display screen in 2006’s “Madea’s household Reunion.” (Alfeo Dixon / Lionsgate)
Dave Chappelle and Maya Angelou at Angelou’s home in phibìc Carolina throughout the filming of the 2006 Sundance original series “Iconoclasts.” (Scott Dingman / Sundance Channel)
Maya Angelou was significant in chris Rock’s 2007 documentary on afri American hair and the hair industry, “Good Hair.” (Roadside Attractions)
The pioneering, multi-talented artist and civil legal rights advocate Maya Angelou, who passed away Wednesday at period 86, is best known together a prolific poet and memoirist. Yet over the food of she freewheeling life, which included stints as a dancer, singer, playwright and also professor, she additionally carved out a significant movie career. Following is a look at several of her cinematic accomplishments.

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In 1972, three years ~ the publishing of her landmark memoir, “I know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” Angelou both created the screenplay and also composed the score because that the Swedish-American drama movie “Georgia, Georgia,” command by Stig Bjorkman.

Though the movie, about a black American singer (Diana Sands) who comes to Stockholm because that a show and falls in love through a white American photojournalist (Michael Winters), is somewhat obscure, Angelou’s script came to be the first by an afri American woman ever to it is in filmed, and it to be nominated because that a Pulitzer Prize.

In 1998, Angelou also became among the very first African American females to straight a significant feature film, “Down in the Delta,” about a Chicago solitary mother (Alfre Woodard) struggling with addiction that is sent out to invest a summer in she family’s genealogical home in landscape Mississippi v her children.

In a review of the film, i get it Ebert wrote, “Angelou’s first-time direction remains out that its very own way; she doesn’t call attention come herself through unnecessary visual touches, however focuses ~ above the company at hand. She and also Goble room interested in what might happen in a case like this, no in exactly how they can manipulate the audience through phony crises.”

Angelou to be no stranger to exhilaration either, on stage (“Porgy and also Bess”), television (“Roots”) and the huge screen.

She had a small role in man Singleton’s 1993 romantic drama “Poetic Justice,” certification Janet Jackson together a cosmetologist and amateur poet in southern Los Angeles and Tupac Shakur together a brash postal clerk who pursues her. Angelou additionally wrote the poems recited through Jackson’s character in the movie.

Two years later, Angelou starred in “How to do an American Quilt,” Jocelyn Moorhouse’s adaptation the the Whitney rose oil novel around a bride-to-be (Winona Ryder) who receives advice from her older and wiser counterparts, including Angelou’s Anna. The movie earned a display Actors Guild Awards nomination for ideal cast.

Most recently, Angelou had a supporting function in Tyler Perry’s comedy-drama “Madea’s family Reunion,” starring Perry as the indomitable matriarch Madea as she make the efforts to setup a family members event. In the film, Angelou recites her poem “In and also Out the Time” in a scene v Cicely Tyson.

Critics took keep in mind of Angelou’s presence. In a evaluation for the brand-new York Times, Anita gateways wrote, “Both Ms. Angelou and also Ms. Tyson provide powerful, emotional messages.”

Over the years, Angelou additionally appeared as a subject in countless documentaries. They incorporate “The black Candle,” which traces the history of the pan-African holiday Kwanzaa (Angelou additionally narrates), and “Good Hair,” about myriad cultural, economic and identity-related problems surrounding how African American ladies perceive and style your hair.

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