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Maxwell Kane narrates Rodman Philbrick"s novel Freak the Mighty. It"s the story of exactly how a learning-disabled and also socially awkward boy becomes friends v a genius who has a physical disability. Together, lock team increase to appropriate injustices in the world.

Max has many character traits. The is shy...

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Maxwell Kane narrates Rodman Philbrick"s novel Freak the Mighty. It"s the story of just how a learning-disabled and socially awkward young becomes friends with a genius who has actually a physical disability. Together, lock team increase to right injustices in the world.

Max has plenty of character traits. The is shy and timid, he"s a loner, that lacks self-confidence, and he is loyal and caring. All of these personality traits are occurred through occasions that take place in the novel. 

The reality that he is a loner before meeting Kevin deserve to be found in thing 2, entitled "Up from the under Under." he doesn"t have any kind of friends prior to he meets Kevin, and also he"s nice isolated in ~ home, too. Right here is proof for that:

That summer, let"s see. I"m still living in the down under, in the little room Grim developed for me there. Glued increase this cheap paneling, right? It kind of buckles away from the concrete cellar walls, a regular ripple effect. However do ns complain about the crummy paneling or the rug the smells like low tide? I do not. Since I prefer it in the down under, obtained the place all to myself and also no are afraid of Gram sticking she head in the door and also saying "Maxwell, what space you doing?" no that I ever do lot of anything.

The reality that he is timid can be checked out in chapter 6, licensed has been granted "Close encounter of the Turd Kind." Kevin and Max are confronted by a bully in this chapter, whose name is Tony D., far better known together "Blade." even though Max is significantly bigger than Tony D., the is no willing come fight him and also shows the he is in reality scared that him. Here is proof for that:

Tony D. Is feather up in ~ me and he"s showing his white teeth, i swear they"ve been sharpened to look prefer vampire teeth, and also I walk "Uh-oh," and also start to obtain real cold inside. Genuine icy, because I have the right to see that Blade is do the efforts to comprise his mind, is the going to fight me, or is he simply going to death me quick.

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This happens at the start of Kevin and Max"s friendship, and also it likewise shows Max"s absence of self-confidence. Kevin felt i was sure to insult Tony D. Since he was certain Max can defend him. When the pair starts to operation from Blade, this is the conversation that reveals Kevin"s confidence in Max and Max"s absence of self-confidence: 

Freak goes, "Whew! that was a close conference of the turd kind," and also it take away me a 2nd to obtain the joke, but then I"m laughing, amazed he have the right to be for this reason cool about it, like it to be no large deal the Tony D. Was after us. "You can take him, right?" he asks a couple of minutes later. I go, "Are you kidding? friend can"t simply fight Blade, you need to fight his gang, too."

Evidence that mirrors he is caring comes towards the finish of the book, as soon as Kevin gets very sick. With his actions, Max demonstrates the deep love and concern he has actually for his friend.