A pair of days ago, ns made a slideshow comparing and contrasting 10 various other wrestlers and also celebrities the look alike.

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You wouldn"t think the matches the were found.

We had matches for MLB player Jayson Werth, Keith Stone, kris Pontius and also Mark Henry!

Now, with the success the the first, ns have made decision to dig deeper in this an enig of wrestlers and celebrity look-a-likes.

Like the an initial one, you would not believe what i found.

Here"s the connect to the first one if you missed it or just want to re-read it.

John Cena, Matt Damon and 10 various other Wrestlers through Their Celebrity Look-a-Likes

John Cena & Matt Damon & mark Wahlberg
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John Cena and Mark Wahlberg to be strongly considered look-a-likes in the comment section of the first slideshow. Cena additionally looks prefer Matt Damon.

I think there will certainly be no dispute in saying the these three males are in fact triplets.

All of lock literally kill on the big screen native time come time and also have a great amount of female fans. 

Only question I have actually is:

Who are the parental of the biggest triplets ever before conceived?

Trent Barreta & the Situation
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This one simply may it is in me.

When I witnessed Trent Barreta debut top top ECW and Mike "The Situation" every little thing his last name is debut on MTV"s Jersey Shore, I put two and also two together.

Trent and Situation have actually not only similar faces but also similar abs.

Only distinction is, one have the right to perform ~ above stage.

(That"d be Trent. Anyone else see case fail at the Roast of Donald Trump? currently you understand the joke.)

Cody Rhodes & Jacoby Ellsbury & Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez
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I wondered about this pairing top top the last slideshow and I"ve involved a conclusion.

Cody Rhodes, Jacoby Ellsbury and also Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez (from The Sandlot) have all been drafted to the blue brand. Smackdown.

They will type a stable called Triple Threat, since there"s three of them.

Together they will take down "The Beast" Ezekiel Jackson.

(You had actually to check out The Sandlot to know that critical one.)

Jack Swagger & Biff
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Biff and also Jack Swagger have so much in common besides physical appearance.

Both are constantly getting crapped on. Our crapped poured top top them.

They"re getting hidden in crap top top the everyday basis, OK?

Don"t gain it?

Watch Back to the Future, then clock Jack Swagger"s career after he lost the civilization title.

If Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale and Steven Speilberg were wrestling fans, they"d be laughing their asses off at that one.

Jack Swagger & Gary Busey
5 the 11

Oh, God...

Gary Busey"s here.

I"ll let Swagger slide on this one. I"ll take it straightforward on him complying with the critical slide.

Alicia Fox & Rihanna
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You need to have two beautiful females on this slideshow.

Last time it to be Mickie James and also Marisa Tomei. Currently it"s Rihanna and also Alicia Fox.

It"s yes sir to acquire them mixed up, unless you"re dating one of them, the is.

Edge & Taylor Hawkins
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"Edge is "The One.""

How come I"m seeing 2 of the then?

Yes, sheet is back!

He also returned because that SummerSlam to contact Christian a b*tch.

Last slideshow, he had actually Jayson Werth together his look-a-like. Now it"s a drummer called Taylor Hawkins.

Who matches better, Hawkins? Or Werth?

Vinnie Jones & Randy Orton
8 that 11

Time for the one photo guess.

Last time, I had a snapshot of either kurt Angle or his look-a-like, Randy Couture. Ns still can"t tell them apart, but this one is choose 10 times harder.

Ladies and gentlemen of Bleacher Report.

Is that male "The Viper" Randy Orton? Or Vinnie Jones?

Either way, lock both look prefer robots.

I"d favor to give thanks to Craig Adams for this observation. Great call.

Chris Jericho & cook Ramsay
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This one is hilarious, whether you observed it coming or not.

We"ve seen Biff indigenous Back come the Future earlier. I"m guessing kris Jericho stole the DeLorean and gunned it come 88 to view what future Y2J look at like.

Little did the know, he crashed right into Chef Ramsay"s Hell"s Kitchen.

Booker T & Boyd Tinsley
10 the 11

After wrestling, Booker likes to jam the end on his violin v his favourite pair the black-out shades.

If Booker is as good on the violin together he is in ~ calling a match, I"d rip my ears off.

He"s bad.

Booker should just play his violin on Smackdown instead. We"d be much better off not having to hear his voice.

Now can you dig that, suckas?!

The End...for Now...
11 the 11

They have similar facial features! That"s why they look alike!

This may be the finish of Wrestlers and Celebrity look-a-likes. Possibly not.

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That"s because that me come know!

Thanks because that reading! :-)

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