Fabrication man-hours are established by the quantity of hours/tasks in each stole assembly, for example, each column, beam, brace, assembly, or bracket. The mean constants are for high repeat portal frame and also high rise kind work. The arrays are for distinctions in item size, detail, repetition, and fabrication methods. This constants are based upon conventional fabrication approaches used by many fabricators, ie manual gas cutting and magnetic broach drilling, and also semi-automatic "mig" or "flux core" welding. V semi-automated saw and also drill lines calculation is much greater but device costs room higher, and also generally the industry does not identify costs since semi-automation affect only part of all at once fabrication. The constants incorporate for reading fabrication drawings, stacking and sorting materials, noting out, turning, grind edges and welds, operator setting up, servicing gear such as welders and also grinders, and QA consisting of average rework. These constants room "whole that job", and hence will differ from spot check times which will certainly not it is in representative that a finish job because of the tendancy no to incorporate downtime and variances in productivity. Repetition affects productivity in different ways, and for some work operations can have a far-ranging impact on output, while various other labours develop only slim improvements. A high level of difficulty can likewise have a large impact on output, for example, an extremely detailed drawings, angled assembly, short repetition of detail, complex set out.

Description Tasks Average Range (Min-Max)
Plates, brackets, and fly braces
Prepare bowl connections, cleats and stiffeners, rectangular piece 4.5 min 3-6 min
shape ex flat bar, no exceeding 300mm wide or 16mm
thickness; guillotine to size and also punch holes, making use of hydraulic
ram punch and shear machine.

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Same together last but irregular shape ex plate, or exceeding piece 9 min 6-30 min
300mm large or 16mm thickness; cut to dimension and kind holes—
punch and shear, fire cut, or drill equipment.
Prepare edge brackets or fly braces no exceeding 1.5m long; piece 9 min 6-12 min
guillotine come length and punch holes—using punch and shear.
Slotted feet in preferably 20mm plate or angle—punched and slot 7.5 min 6-10 min
flame slotted.
Mark and also tack key connections, cleats and also stiffeners in No 6.5 min 5.5-7.5 min
position top top beams, columns etc, square and also not exceeding
400mm length.

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Same together last but bracing cleats, key 400mm to 1000mm No 12 min 8-15 min
length, or i know well rafter bowl etc.
Cutting sections
Cut second sections, up to 150mm—angles, PFCs, HS piece 15 min 12-20 min
Extra worth for each finish mitre cut, or notch cut end 6 min
Extra Value straight join including prepare and also vee butt weld join 1.0 hr
Cut sections to length, up to 310 UB/UC/PFC/HS piece 28 min 26-30 min
Extra worth for each finish mitre cut, or notch cut end 12 min
Extra Value cut and kind taper end, approx 300mm long end 45 min
Extra Value directly join including prepare and vee target weld join 2.5 hr 1.5-3 hr
Cut sections, over 310 UB/UC/PFC/RHS piece 40 min 35-55 min
Extra worth for each finish mitre cut, or notch cut end 15 min
Extra Value cut and type taper end, approx 500mm long end 72 min 60-80 min
Extra Value right join including prepare and also vee butt weld join 4.5 hr 3.5-5.5 hr
Labours to all sections
Drill bolt feet in structural sections hole 6.5 min 4.5-7.5 min
Form slotted bolt feet in structural sections slot 15 min
Gas cut and also grind edge for reduced outs, penetrations, straight metre 20 min
Same as last, circular metre 30 min
Assemble and tack portal structure knee, apex, or k-brace join join 1.25 hr 1-1.5 hr
Assemble second section structure joins join 30 min 20-45 min
Precambering; up to 310 UB or UC No 2.5 hr 1-3 hr
Precambering; over 310 UB or UC No 3.5 hr 3-6 hr
Cut, prepare and also assemble corbels, tapers, haunchings etc No 1 hr 0.75-2 hr
max. 1m long
Assemble composite members, e.g. Crane beam channel onto metre 30 min
Truss cutting and also assembly
Cut truss diagonals and also struts piece 12 min 10-15 min
Extra worth mitre cut or notch ends end 7.5 min 6-9 min
Cut, prepare, join and also weld chord, best 250 PFC or UB chord 1.5 hr 1.25-2 hr
x 12m long
Mark the end and collection up jig because that truss assembly x 12m long No 4 hr 3-6 hr
Assemble truss top and also bottom chords through diagonals and truss 4 hr 3-6 hr
struts x 12m long, in jig
Extra worth to precamber truss, x 12m long No 2 hr 1-3 hr
Diagonal bracing
Diagonal bracing rod cut, join, assemble turnbuckles, threaded No 40 min 20-60 min
Diagonal bracing angle cut, join, drill bolted ends No 50 min 30-75 min
Welding—80% downhand, 20% vertical
5 and also 6mm fillet weld m 18 min 15-22 min
8mm fillet weld—2 runs m 32 min
10mm fillet weld—3 runs m 46 min
12mm fillet weld—4-5 runs m 72 min
Vee prepare end of UB, UC, PFC, HS for target weld, max end 8 min
300mm depth
Same together last, end 300mm end 12 min
Vee butt weld approximately 12mm m 90 min
Vee target weld over 12mm, up to 16mm m 150 min
Extra value for backing strip to joins in SHS join 7.5 min
Extra value for backing strip to joins in CHS join 30 min
Hit and miss stitch 6mm fillet weld m 10 min
H.D. Bolt assembly right into pairs pairs 6 min
Unload and stack inwards steel, and load out fabricated steel tonne 1.5 hr 1.25-2 hr
onto trucks
Productivity factors—against the constants above
General: market, complexity or regional 0.85-1.33
Site fabrication and also welding 2.00-4.00