Below you"ll find lots that stories, experiences and reviews from readers who"ve provided Lysol Cling toilet key cleaner.

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This toilet key cleaner comes in a variety of color (different scents), and also apparently many of them have actually extremely strong dyes within the cleaner, and these dyes have actually been staining parts of the toilet when they"re squirted into the bowl to get it clean.As you can imagine, people are quite aggravated about it, due to the fact that they"re utilizing a product come clean something, and that cleaner ends up resulting in stains.This web page started as just a couple of human being complaining, however it has actually morphed into a big group of human being complaining about this specific same issue. What you"ll view is a development of complaints, my responses, and also over time learning more and much more about the issue.If you"ve had this experience, in addition to reading this complaints around it (which you deserve to scroll down and also see below), yet I"ve also created a second page which has actually tips and ideas from reader on exactly how they removed these stains, share what worked, and also what didn"t, for them.

We"ll begin with Paul"s review, and also then scroll under to read also more.

Paul says:

I have used and also preferred the Lysol Cling for years; yet the brand-new "improved" Max Coverage one with an extremely dark blue color has brought about severe staining in mine fixtures. The manufacturer said Lime far
to remove collected calcium stains. It had no effect. Bring ago the initial formula!!!

Taylor says:

Thanks Paul because that sharing your experiences through this kind of Lysol toilet bowl cleaner.You space actually not the an initial person come tell me they had actually this trouble with Lysol Cling. In fact, one more person composing in inquiry me exactly how to eliminate the blue stains the product caused. Now that you"ve written in also Paul, I determined to look into the problem even further. I was an extremely surprised to uncover on Lysol"s own website, because that this product, the there were many complaints about the new formula staining the toilet blue. It really does it seems ~ to it is in a prevalent problem!Apparently together with the popular blue formula which is what is leading to the blue stains over there is likewise a lemon scented version which has an extremely yellow dye, i m sorry at the very least one human complained turned their toilet yellow! ***Update - listed below I"ve additionally got complaints about a teal and a violet formula too!*** Seems choose they have put means too much dye in this new formulation the Lysol Cling!Based top top what Paul said, it appears that the world at Lysol are currently telling customers to try products to eliminate lime scale, which is what may be soaking up the dye and also causing the staining issue. The was among my guesses native before. You have the right to see even much more stories below.

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Picture of Streaks Left by Max Coverage Lysol Cling gelatin Lavender field Scent

by zenith (Lexington, NC)


Janice common this photo of just how this toilet key cleaner stained her toilet.

Janice says:

I purchase my an initial bottle that Lysol MAX coverage Cling gelatin Lavendar field scent now (and mine last)! My commodes now have purple stained streaks running down them. Not a happy camper at all.

Taylor says:

Thanks because that the picture Janice, however sorry this occurred to you.I"m in the process of publishing numerous tips from various other readers sharing exactly how they gotten rid of these stains from their toilet, so hopefully they"ll assist you as well to clean your up together well.I"d also love come hear indigenous others, with their stories and also experiences, either about this toilet bowl cleaner, or any type of other brand or type. You deserve to share her toilet bowl cleaner reviews here, or read many others that have already been submitted.

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Judy has actually shared what happened, end time, as soon as this product stained she toilet.

Judy says:

The product works to sanitize the toilet bowl, yet leaves an ugly blue stain in the toilet. The stain put on away end time, yet a spot on the toilet seat wherein the product dripped is still stained after numerous weeks and also many make the efforts to remove it with different products.

Taylor says:

Thanks Judy because that sharing her experience.I guess that is great to hear that with time most of the staining fades, and also that might comfort part people. However, the sounds favor you"ve still gained some challenging stains to eliminate on the toilet seat.You may want to check the post I referenced over with proposal for removing these stains. Unfortunately, her toilet seat is not made that as challenging of product as the toilet key itself, therefore you need to be very careful in just how you clean the so if you usage anything abrasive carry out it an extremely carefully, and also test very first in one inconspicuous place.

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Lysol Max Coverage Stained my Toilet seat

by Jack (SR101 Reader)

Jack has additionally shared how this product stained his restroom too.

Jack says:

Max coverage Lysol toilet key cleaner has stained my toilet seat. I believe Lysol has gone too far with this product and also it need to be eliminated from the store shelves.

Taylor says:

I"m i m really sorry to listen this Jack, however thanks for informing me about it.You room not the first person come complain the the product dripped on your seat and also permanently stained it. In fact, I could see exactly how these drips can easily happen during the cleaning process so ns doubt, unfortunately, the your story is the uncommon.Has everyone else had actually this happen to their toilet seat from using this product? If so, I would love come hear what friend did, if anything, to remove the stain and if you had any kind of success. The could assist Jack, Judy (above), and probably many others who have actually experienced this exact same issue. You can share her tips and experiences here.

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Amber has shared her endure with Lysol"s lavender variation of the Max Coverage Cling formula, and it wasn"t pretty!

Amber says:

The thick formula has actually stained my toilet purple! also bleaching the hasn"t obtained the stains out. Really disappointed in Lysol!!

Taylor says:

Amber, I"m so i m really sorry to hear this!Apparently all the recipe of this toilet bowl cleaner seem to stain, and also the stain color just depends on what scent you choose, native purple, yellow, blue, etc. You could create a rainbow! ;)I know, no so funny once it is her toilet that"s obtained stained. Has anyone else experience this problem with Lysol Cling, and if so, just how did you remove the stains, if at all, or execute you still have actually a rainbow fancy toilet? please share your experiences through me here.Update: A reader wrote into share the she too had obtained stains native the violet Lysol Cling. She says:I supplied the purple lilac scented and also it as well stained mine toilet and also toilet brush.In addition, here"s another comment from Steve Rogalinski. The says:Yes, I have Lysol Lavender Field and also the very first time I used it, that left a purple stain! ns cannot think a firm of this size would placed out a product without trial and error it firstWell, unfortunately, it appears to be a extensive problem. Anyone have actually a systems they"ve figured out?

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Lysol Max Coverage Cling gel - i Really dislike This Product!

through Laura (Washington)

Laura has also shared her suffer with this toilet key cleaner, and continues the unfortunate trend of many SR101 readers the it has actually stained her toilet.

Laura says:

I yes, really don"t choose this product!! it stained all three of ours toilets, which, through the way, are not even 10 years old. I had used Clorox products for years and also never had this problem. Ns am completely SORRY that I ever before tried this Lysol product, and also I will likely never use a Lysol product again. It did not even clean well, in enhancement to the truth that I had to usage a scrubber to remove every one of the blue dye indigenous the bowl. This is the WORST toilet key cleaner ever created!

Taylor says:

Laura, i m really sorry to hear you"ve had this same difficulty with Lysol Cling staining your toilets, although I"m sure you"ve seen from these various other reviews that you aren"t alone.I am glad come hear the you might remove the stains with a scrubber though. This info should assist some various other readers who space experiencing this trouble figure out what to do around it. I had previously recommended world use a toilet pumice stone or a scrubber, such as a Dobie pad to clean the up. I would certainly be curious come hear what scrubber girlfriend used, if you occur to remember.

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Liz additionally shared her trouble with this toilet cleaner.

Liz says:

My toilet bowl is stained purple from the Lysol cleaner. Ns am furious with Lysol! I have thrown far the cleaner and will no buy their assets again. Has actually anyone found a systems to removing the stains?

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear you had this trouble also Liz. Number of readers have written in, sharing what has operated for them in removing this stains, and I"ve compiled a page with your tips for Lysol toilet bowl cleaner stain remove here. Expect that provides you some an excellent ideas for just how to clean increase the mess.***Update: one more SR101 reader commented about the Lavender fields formula saying:As other short articles indicated, mine toilet was left with a purple ring stain in ~ the water line.***End upgrade

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Here"s another staining issue reported by one more SR101 Reader, this time v the yellow fancy formula.

SR101 reader says:

I love it but it turn the bottom of my toilet seat yellow. I am currently using 2 cleaners, one because that the seat and in between seat and tank and also Lysol gel cling because that the bowl. I guess i will need to buy some Lime away to remove the yellow stain.

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear you are having stain worries too.I went again to the Lysol website to research this issue, and first noticed they no longer point out the citrus scent variation of the Lysol Cling toilet bowl cleaner in their product materials, so ns am guessing that this scent has actually been stop (although ns haven"t shown that because that sure).In addition, I continued to read complaints about how Lysol does not really help people when they endure these staining problems. Apparently as soon as you complain you obtain a coupon for one more bottle the the very same staining stuff.I"d really love to hear from world who have experience this issue, and also hear very first hand what response they received from Lysol. You have the right to share your experiences here. In addition, if you"ve figured out a way to remove the stains I would certainly love for you come share that information, because people really are looking for a solution. (Please recall the I have actually made part suggestions for what to do here -- tell me if they in reality work!)

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Dodie has additionally shared her experience with Lysol Cling.

Dodie says:

I have likewise used Lysol toilet bowl cleaner for years v no problem. Like numerous others, I uncovered the new formula stains quite than cleans. Lysol needs new chemists because this is no an improvement. The wasn"t broken so why tamper with it? ns took my two bottles back and obtained a refund. I advised the keep to eliminate the remainder of their stock native the shelf to safeguard unsuspecting customers. Perform everyone a favor... Recall this really bad product. You have actually lost an additional customer.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your endure Dodie, back I"m sorry the product has actually been causing staining problems for you too.As always, I"m interested in any methods people have found for removing these stains from your toilet led to by the Lysol Cling toilet key cleaner. You re welcome share your tips and also experiences with this cleaner here, or read various other reviews i beg your pardon have currently been submitted.

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I have used the consistent light blue Lysol toilet bowl cleaner in the past and also it operated fine. Just do the efforts the brand-new Max Coverage Lysol complete Clean strength toilet key cleaner (dark blue liquid) and also it has left blue streaks all approximately my toilet bowl! back the stain is no dark blue as several of the previous photos, it is quiet noticeable. I have actually contacted the manufacturer via email to view what details they may have actually available.

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Abolutely horrible! i can"t think they are marketing a product that is supposed to remove stains that in reality creates stains! I sure hope they stopped selling this ingredient or addressed it in ~ least. Unbelievable, castle should problem refunds together well, I obtained purple stains now.

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I have the same difficulty with the violet Lysol Cling. You can clearly see the purple tinge on my white toilet v darker drip marks under the pickled in salt going all the means down come the water line. Soft cleanser took many off, yet I can still view it. This product demands to come off the market. It is respond to productive. Staining rather of cleaning.

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Joyce shared her pointer for how to prevent staining your toilet v this product in the very first place, if you want to proceed using it.

Joyce says:

I had actually the staining trouble at first, but due to the fact that noticing it I have taken the toilet brush and also cleaned the bowl instantly when adding the Lysol Cling gel, no issue what color. I then tenderness swirl the brush all approximately the restroom bowl till it is mixed really well, virtually where the is just a an extremely light color and have no noticed a staining difficulty at all.Note, I offered to acquisition the cling gelatin in the yellow bottle, but the stores in our neighborhood no longer lug it, sad come say, together I chosen it the finest of all the Lysol toilet cleaner brands together it make the toilet bowl smell really clean.Does Lysol make the scent any type of more?

Taylor says:

Thanks Joyce because that your guideline on just how to keep the toilet cleaner native staining the toilet in the future. Everyone else carry out this to avoid staining? I"d love to hear from rather to share if this cheat has operated for you, or not.In addition, i did some research study Joyce and also it does not appear the yellow version of this product is tho made by Lysol. It appears they"ve stop that details scent.Has anyone else had actually experience through this specific brand and type of restroom cleaner? If so, you re welcome tell me in the comment below around your experiences and reviews of the product.In addition, make sure to examine out more household cleaners product reviews below on the site, or share her own around a restroom cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, floor cleaner or whatever! I"d love to hear indigenous you, or assist you discover what others yes, really think of miscellaneous cleaning products.
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comment for how I"ve Learned To protect against Staining my Toilet with Lysol Cling

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Counter top stained from cleaner by: cotton collection the container the Lysol toilet cleaner top top the bathroom respond to top come answer phone....nasty blue ring resulted and I to be unable come clean it. It adjusted the texture of my counter so currently it"s rough. I will never ever use this product again!!!!

stained our brand-new tile floor by: Romeo mine wife and also I have the very same staining difficulties however, our trouble is not with the toilet bowl, that in ~ above our new tile floor. We just had the bathroom remodeled v Travertine stone and us now have a 6 inch one on the floor. We have actually tried every form of cleaner through no success. Tomorrow ns will acquire some Lyme-away and also CLR and also give that a try. Any kind of other successes on this difficulty yet?

do not buy this product by: cotton I will certainly never ever before buy this product again!!!! that needs much more work!!! very BAD product, an extremely disappointed!!!

Left nasty yellow/brown stains!!! by: cotton Lysol actually stained both brand-new toilets a nasty yellow/brown color! that looked 100 time worse than before I "cleaned" the toilets! The just thing that would remove these nasty stains, to be Comet cleanser, but, it scratched the restroom seat! Why, why, why, go Lysol (and Clorox through the way!) need to do this?????

very upset by: cotton ns am an extremely upset the the "new and also improved" Lysol toilet product has destroyed my toilet. I have actually scrubbed till I can"t scrub any more. Go the firm want come buy me a new toilet?

Ruined brand-new home toilets by: Conroe Tx supplied this product before, make the efforts the brand-new product on my brand new toilets because that our new home that we just built and now I have blue present going across my restroom bowls. So disappointed and angry.

Another stain from Lysol in stainless steel sink by: Rebecca I had actually a leaky bottle, put it in mine kitchen stainless stole sink and it stained it! Help!

Stained toilet bowl and also seat by: anonymous I used Lysol blue cling and also have stained streaked toilet bowls, yet most upsetting is that some got on my seat and also took off the complete of the top of the toilet seat and also the underneath of the toilet chair so currently I have actually removed complete from my seats and also stains. Ugh.

Stained toilet by: cotton i was making use of the blue cleaner and have blue stained streaked toilet bowls and worse the complete was removed from my seat and also lids whereby the cleaner dripped onto the different type of material. The stripped it turn off so not just stained blue however the end up has ugly dull spots where it no shiny any kind of longer. For this reason frustrating and also both our bathrooms are just a pair years old!!! Ugh

Awful product by: Davy ns am just another voice in the wind that also has a 3 brand new toilets that space stained blue by making use of this product. Ns buy this to eliminate stains not to include them. As this plainly is adding stains, as one can see from all the various other comments top top this product, climate that provides this product "not fit because that purpose" and also should be removed from the shelves. I likewise think that the company that manufactures this should be hosted liable for removing the stains or instead of the damaged items in each and also every case. Possibly its time because that a class action case to address this and make this company be hosted responsible for making and also selling this not suitable product. They are plainly not addressing this via the comments from customers, so lets try another approach.

WTH Lysol-shame top top you by: cotton I simply bought 2 new TOTO brand toilets. I want high end and spent the extra money- Lysol Cling max just ruined them! The bowl is stained, part sprayed up on the ago of the toilet and now the is discolored and the textured readjusted by the product! I"m furious and will never buy a lysol product again. This seems prefer something they would have actually realized in testing. What to do?

Brand new toilet chair ruined by: anonymous Lysol cling max coverage stained brand-new toilet seat. The ate with the finish and also left a blue streak. It ate through underside of seat finish too where it splashed. That is really caustic. Toto toilet $$$$

Lysol finish Clean Power by: Ron used this product, caused blue ring in bowl. Can"t eliminate stain with anything. Called Reckitt Benckiser. Castle instructed me to use Lime-A-Way to remove the stain. Ns had currently tried that. Guess who provides Lime-A-Way? If friend guessed Reckett Benckiser, you would be correct. This way you can buy a second product come clean up the mess that the an initial product made. Profitable!

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