After the TREAD Act to be mandated in 2007, every vehicles produced in the unified States start in 2008, must be installed with straight or indirect TPMS systems.

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The Ford Escape offers a straight TPMS system, which way TPMS sensors are set up in the wheel. If one or an ext tires indicate low tire pressure, the TPMS sensors will deliver the details to the vehicle’s ECU. One indicator irradiate (low-line TPMS system) or every tire pressure will display on the dash (high-line TPMS system).

When one or more sensors are changed in a Ford Escape, a TPMS relearn is recommended to compose the ID’s come the vehicle’s ECU to revolve the TPMS irradiate off.

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Type the TPMS system: 

Direct TPMS, TPMS sensors are set up in the wheel, tire push is interacted via radio frequency (RF) an innovation from the sensor come the vehicle’s ECU. 

Type that TPMS frequency: 

315 MHz

Type the Relearn procedures: 

Manual, 2 types, conventional ignition, and also push-button startBonus OBD relearn procedure coverage together an option on the VT56 because that years 2014-2019, needs OBD module 

Type the TPMS tool required for TPMS reset:

Manual relearn procedure (standard ignition):

Engage the parking brake and inflate every tiresTurn ignition to the turn off positionPress and release brake pedalQuickly revolve the ignition from turn off to run (engine OFF) 3 times, stop in operation positionPress and also release brake pedalTurn ignition OFFQuickly rotate the ignition from off to operation (engine OFF) three times, protect against in operation positionNOTE: every the measures for this process must it is in performed in ~ 10 secondsA solitary horn chirp will suggest the relearn setting is activeUse your TPMS tool to activate the left front sensorA single horn sounds to indicate learning successfulRepeat because that the RF, RR, and also LR sensorsTRAINING MODE complete will display on the message center when relearn is finished

Manual relearn procedure (push-button start):

Important note, some models require the start button to be pressed double (without pushing the brake) to get in RUN setting (Ignition ON/Engine OFF). If this is the case, modify procedures 3 and also 5 together noted.Engage the parking brake and also inflate every tiresWith the auto OFF, push and also release the brake pedalPush START button 5 times (NOTE: 8 time if 2x-to-RUN)Press and also release the brake pedalPush START button 6 times (NOTE: 9 time if 2x-to-RUN)A single horn chirp will suggest the relearn mode is activeUse the device to activate the left prior sensorA solitary horn sound to indicate sensor discovering successfulRepeat for best front, ideal rear and left behind tiresTRAINING MODE finish will display screen on the message center when relearn is finished

The video clip shows a Ford Edge, but the very same procedure will job-related on a Ford Escape 

OBD relearn procedure, year 2014-2020:

OBDII module is required, affix to the toolConfirm TPMS sensors are appropriately installedAdjust tire pressure to placard valueHold TPMS tester top top left front tire sidewall beside the valve stem, use TPMS device to activate the sensorRepeat for the right front, right rear and left rear sensorsApply OBD module to DLCTurn ignition come ONPress ok on TPMS device to move data to ECUDisconnect OBD module indigenous DLCTurn ignition off then start the engineDrive because that at least 5 minutes at 28 mph

The video clip shows a Ford Focus, but the exact same procedure will work-related on a Ford Escape 

Troubleshooting tips

Lowering driver’s side window may assist to complete this procedure on larger vehicles. Ford to escape vehicles, years 2014-2019, have the right to be reset via an OBD relearn procedure, together a “bonus” relearn utilizing the VT56 or VT46 brands with OBD module. The OBD bonus relearn, recognized as Sync id technology, eliminates having to do a manual, relearn procedure or auto relearn, which requires either many steps or lengthy driving time to turn off the TPMS light. If “OBD RELEARN” is an option, the sensor ID’s have the right to be transferred through the OBD port. ATEQ expects to increase the bonus OBD coverage gradually for Ford.After the OBD relearn is completed, you may be compelled to activate the sensors again to revolve the TPMS light off to protect against driving the car to revolve the TPMS irradiate off.Ford escape vehicles might require the start switch to be pressed twice throughout the relearn (without pushing the brake) to enter into run mode during the relearn (Ignition ON/Engine OFF). If this is the case, modify actions the hands-on steps because that the push-button begin relearn, 3 and 5, as provided in the relearn procedure.