What execute I mean by speak “See beyond what you deserve to see”?

Did you begin your brand-new year off through a “theme indigenous or phrase”?Everywhere ns turn world have selected words regarded vision because that 2020 because 20/20 eyesight means you have perfect vision. However no-one seems more excited around the idea of 20/20 Vision than Rhonda, a dear girlfriend of mine. She to be excited due to the fact that she heard the clear whisper of God the he want to give her clean vision spiritually (see beyond what you can see) in 2020. And she is really, really believing God. Her words have inspired me again. There’s just nothing like hearing God speak to your heart especially when it is worrying something that has actually been growing in your soul for a while.

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Rhonda’s Dream

Let me call you how God used Rhonda’s dream to influence me.She was so worn down of life in “sauna Florida” (sauna is not a place; that the hot weather.) and dreamed of life in the mountains where it to be cooler. Once she uncovered her perfect patio lounger, she placed it ~ above her facebook page.

It was favor a super, high-end hammock, made of a beautiful tan fabric instead that the roping that pipeline marks on the back-side of her legs and arms. That was complete with an arched canopy to save you cool as you relaxed and also soothed your nerves swaying back and forth.

The indigenous she had actually typed below the picture echoed prefer sounds bouncing turn off a canyon wall in mine head for days.

They hounded me, prefer a persistent kid repeats himself incessantly.

She said…

“I desire this… in the mountains so I deserve to lay there and be cool and also look beyond what I have the right to see…”

The last phrase jumped turn off the web page at me.

“…and look beyond what I have the right to see.”


I well-known my Father’s voice in those words. “Pat, look beyond what you can see.”

I’m telling you those were hefty words… much more like heavenly words.CompellingConvicting Words.

See beyond what you deserve to see!


Do you ever before hear the whisper of God and also then have no idea what the means. So ns pondered the words and asked God to give me understanding. I can’t see past what I can see or deserve to I?

There are plenty of examples in Scripture.

That was what God to be calling the youngsters of Israel to do…look past the giants.But lock didn’t.

That was what God was calling Joshua come do as soon as he challenged the thick wall surfaces of Jericho.And the did.

The Israelites witnessed the giants…

what they might see with their natural eyes; however Joshua saw past the natural. He experienced Almighty God; who stood behind His promise.

And what they every saw determined where they lived and how lock lived.

Defeated or Victorious.

What castle saw established whether they to be victorious or defeated.

The selection is obvious; if we desire to live victorious!We need to look beyond what we have the right to see through our herbal eyes.

It will certainly take an ext than was standing on a mountain…with binoculars or even a telescope to perform that.


The exact same day i stumbled ~ above Rhonda’s post…stumbled? What a stunner thought! when we walk with Jesus He guides our path.

The same day I uncovered Rhonda’s post, ns listened come a to teach that resolved the concern that rattled even louder than God’s Words…HOW?

My take away from that podcast was–Seeing native God’s perspective needs a Biblically put in order mind.

And that’s how you deserve to see beyond what you have the right to see…

If I want to see what God sees I’ve acquired to crawl increase in His arms, look out together He points His an effective finger in the direction that what He desires me to see. It means listening come Him…sometimes…for me it is many of the time…it method hearing His whisper.

That’s what revelation does…

it opens your eyes and also that’s among the functions of the divine Spirit. That illuminates bible so you understand Jesus better and what God has actually for you together a believer.

It requires faith to see beyond what you deserve to see.

Faith that’s rooted in God’s promises.

It requires mixing the technique of researching God’s Word with faith.It means choosing come believe, as soon as reason is screaming in her ears.We should look with the lens that His Word and faith in the Word because that spiritual vision.


It way we have to emphasis on the unseen instead of the seen.2 Cor 4:18 brand-new International VersionSo we solve our eyes no on what is seen, but on what is unseen, due to the fact that what is checked out is temporary, however what is unseen is eternal.

It is specifically important when things room difficult.

Let’s zoom in for a closer look at the verse, but this time let’s read it native the Berean research Bible beginning with city 17.…17For ours light and also momentary affliction is developing for us an eternal glory the is far past comparison. 18So we solve our eyes no on what is seen, but on what is unseen. Because that what is checked out is temporary, yet what is unseen is eternal.

With so plenty of problems going on roughly us, let’s refocus top top Jesus. Let’s renew ours minds with promises and also Scriptures instead of gossip and news reports. Let’s think God’s Word. Explain His promises and keep ~ above doing until HIs will comes in ours homes and also in ours lives.

Let’s pray.

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Dear God, aid us come look beyond what we have the right to see to behold you…to behold your face…to gaze at what you are gazing at,so we deserve to be what you dubbed us to be.So we have the right to do what you referred to as us to do.