When Alabama shed at Texas A&M a couple of weeks ago, the coastal Carolina Chanticleers ended up being the team through the longest energetic winning streak in the FBS.

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But, now, the streak is over, together the Chanticleers visited Boone, phibìc Carolina, ~ above Wednesday night and fell to Appalachian State in dramatic fashion.

As you have the right to see below, v the video game tied 27-27 in the close up door seconds, Appalachian State kicker Chandler Staton inside wall up a 24-yard field goal and also knocked that through. Then, the party to be on in Boone:

Chandler Staton just became a LEGEND

APP STATE BEATS coastal pic.twitter.com/JoUgt9NiKO

— The carry Portal CFB (
TPortalCFB) October 21, 2021

As SEC Network analyst Cole Cubelic noted, the Chanticleers had actually won 18 directly regular-season games, but now the streak is over:

Coastal Carolina has 18 game regular-season win streak snapped, was the longest active streak in FBS.

— Cole Cubelic (
colecubelic) October 21, 2021

Both groups are currently 2-1 in the sun Belt’s eastern Division. We’ll see who ultimately wins the division, however this to be a vast victory for the Mountaineers.




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App State is beating ranked teams with regularity. At the very least, play those games tough. Looks choose Napier’s ULL team is the team come beat in the sun Belt. They probably won’t be, and also they complete the season v 1 loss and ranked.

When G5 programs go undefeated versus other G5 and lowly P5 programs, it’s an overwhelming to know how to location them. Sure coastal Carolina has obliterated part teams, however their toughness of schedule is woeful and also they were played very close through Buffalo. Your no. 14 ranking was probably too high. And also as outstanding as Cincinnati has actually been, i think it’s fair to question their no. 2 ranking ~ above the grounds the their stamin of schedule as well.

It’s a record 22. What you’re speak isn’t wrong, but otoh I’m sure Cincy would schedule GA, FLA and also LSU all next year if GA, FLA and also LSU would certainly schedule Cincy. Yet they most likely wouldn’t. Every the heavy hitters in the SEC have actually a formula and also that’s schedule one decent OOC and also the rest as close come the indistinguishable of a mainly off as possible. I understand there room some rivalry games that schools demand be scheduled yet even several of those aren’t high high quality games. We complain around schedules of schools like seaside Carolina and Cincy, yet we recognize the very schools us root for wont step up and give them the possibility they need to construct a tougher schedule.

I don’t know, UGA has scheduled Oklahoma, Clemson, OSU, Oregon, UCLA, Louisville, Texas, FSU. More than likely not fear of Cinn.

CC had a SOS the 121. They in no way deserved to also be ranked. University football polls are ending up being as political as whatever else. The smaller college whine around inclusion therefore they get to take the ar of deserving teams. Everyone knows they would certainly be obliterated in a playoff through a top team.

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