My amendment reverse-engineered cooking recipes for long John Silver"s "Battered Fish" likewise makes wonderful batter because that deep-fried prawns, mushrooms, onion rings and even Chinese chicken drumettes (serve v a dipping sauce the light soybean beans sauce, rice vinegar, minced garlic and snipped green onion, through a splash of dried sherry or sake). Please NOTE: The Nutritional details listing below is inaccurate -- since only a portion of flour and also salt actually end up in the perfect product. Therefore be mindful -- the said sodium, sugar, carbohydrate and calorie levels space ridiculously exaggerated!

DIRECTIONS NOTE: IF utilizing SELF-RISING FLOUR -- alleviate SEA SALT come 1 1/2 TEASPOONS then OMIT BAKING POWDER and BAKING SODA -- and USE continuous WATER rather OF club SODA. FOR easy GRINDING the FENNEL SEED, PULSE A CLEAN spice MILL OR COFFEE GRINDER v THE CORNSTARCH and SEA SALT UNTIL finely GROUND, THEN include TO dried BATTER.THAW new boneless white fish if frozen; cut filets right into 3-inch x 4 customs pieces; PREPARE a light sea salt/water bathtub to brine fish in for 20 minute (brine should only be "as salty together the ocean").POUR enough canola oil in deep-fryer to totally immerse fish in; INSERT the deep-fryer basket; PREHEAT oil gradually in progressive increments to 360°F.MEASURE every DRY BATTER and DREDGING ingredients into a huge bowl; WHISK mixture well until thoroughly blended; eliminate 2 cup of mixture and transfer come another big bowl because that the BATTER.INTO the huge bowl include the 2 cups booked DRY BATTER, whisk in the fluid BATTER ingredients, without over-mixing.REMOVE fish from sea salt bath; BLOT fish lightly; coat the fish an extremely lightly on every sides with the booked dry dredging, being mindful not to tear or break fish (use a flat metal spatula to rotate fish if necessary).DIP dredged fish in all set batter to coat fish evenly, utilizing a flat spatula to lift; permit excess batter come drain; fall battered fish slowly and carefully into the preheated fryer (MAKE sure FISH DOESN"T SINK and STICK to BOTTOM that FRYER BASKET; IF THIS HAPPENS, lift BASKET and also CAREFULLY loosen FISH through A level STAINLESS steel SPATULA).DEEP-FRY fish in preheated 360°F canola oil there is no overcrowding until breading is golden, and also fish is tender-flaky; location cooked fish on absorbent file to drainpipe (keep filets warmed if necessary, in a preheated 170 F oven); REPEAT frying procedure with continuing to be fish.ALLOW warm fried fish to cool slightly before serving; SERVE v fresh lemon slices and desired condiments -- tartar sauce, cocktail sauce, cream horseradish, warm sauce, malt vinegar.SERVE and enjoy!