In 2000, man Montgomery had his critical No. 1 struggle on the Billboard Hot country Singles & tracks chart v “The little Girl.” It organized the optimal position for three weeks and also managed to climb to the No. 35 spot of Billboard warm 100.

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The track was released as the lead solitary off Montgomery’s album Brand brand-new Me. Not just did that earn sufficient radio airplay – top Montgomery increase the nation charts again after five years – however the emotional-roller-coaster tune has also touched so numerous hearts.

Montgomery was Blown far The an initial Time he Heard This Song

Written by Harley Allen, “The little Girl” speak the tale of a small girl living in an abusive family members where she father and mother argued and also were also doing drugs. Halfway v the song, the tiny girl’s parental tragically passed away in a murder-suicide. Luckily, she discovered a brand-new foster residence with love parents. She’s now able to attend Sunday institution for the very an initial time and then come the critical verse, transferring one last emotionally twist that will certainly surely catch your heart.

“Her very first day that Sunday school, the teacher to walk in. And a little little girl stared at a photo of Him. She said, ‘I understand that male up over there on that cross. Ns don’t understand His name, however I understand He got off. Cause He to be there in my old house. And also held me close to His side. As I hid there behind ours couch. The night the my parental died,"” the track goes.

The an initial time Montgomery heard “The little Girl,” he was quickly “blown away by it.”

“It touch on religion. It touches on medicine abuse, on human being dying, a tiny girl being associated in the middle of all this, but they don’t preach it come you,” Montgomery stated at the time of the song’s release.

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“It’s not in somebody’s face. It’s not telling anybody the end there bad, bad, bad,” the singer added. “It’s a story the this small girl told she Sunday college teacher. As long as you’re no preaching to people, or anything like that, human being like stories like that.”

Montgomery has additionally revealed the song’s different effect to people every time that sings it, stating how the crowd gets unbelievably quiet. And also once the finishes the song, “some sit prefer they’ve simply been hit by a truck,” Montgomery said. “Some stand and also give me one ovation. Some simply clap. Therefore deep subject matter, human being are touched in various ways by the song. It has actually an unbelievable effect on people, and also it all ain’t the same effect.”

You have the right to listen to the track in the video below and see for yourself its unbelievable effect.