How To eliminate Front Door dashboard 98-02 Lincoln town Car

Learn exactly how to eliminate the internal door panel on your 98-02 Lincoln Town vehicle with this 1A Auto instructional video

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Unscrew the door lock use your Phillips screwdriver to eliminate the two screws securing the door pull. Eliminate the 2 screws currently exposed. proceed to the bottom of the door panel and remove the two screws there. Pry increase the window switch panel and disconnect the wiring connectors. usage a putty knife come unclip the door panel. Disconnect the currently exposed wiring connection and set aside your door panel while friend perform other maintenance.
find the fastening pins top top the door and line castle up v the panel. Connect the wiring exploit connections. Heat up the door panel and clip it into the door. Usage a Phillips screwdriver to certain the door panel v the 4 screws. Download the door traction handle. Screw the door lock knob earlier on.

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Tools required for instead of

general Tools

Putty Knife

Ratchets & related


Screwdrivers & connected

Flat tongue Screwdriver

Phillips Head Screwdriver

Star vehicle drivers & Sockets

Complete Torx bit Set

Brought come you by Your resource for top quality replacement parts and the finest service top top the Internet. Hi, I"m Mike Green. I"m one of the owners of 1A Auto. I want to help you conserve time and money repairing and maintaining her vehicle. I"m walk to use my twenty-plus years" suffer restoring and repairing cars and trucks prefer this to show you the correct way to install parts from The rights parts set up correctly. That"s walking to conserve you time and also money. Say thanks to you and enjoy the video. In this video clip we present you just how to remove and also replace the door panel on this 2000 Lincoln town Car, same as any type of "98 come "02. Tools you"ll need might vary; this car had to be apart a few times for this reason it forced a Phillips and also a level blade and also a Torx little bit driver. I think you should be able to just perform this with a Phillips screwdriver if your vehicle has not been formerly molested. Door panel removal; it"s relatively simple. Top top this vehicle this door panel"s been taken personal a bunch of time so several of the fasteners might be different for you. Also as, because that example, it has actually a screw here, i beg your pardon I believe most cars more than likely don"t. The reason it has actually a screw below I think is since so numerous of the pins in behind to host it room broken. The way we"ll start is remove your door lock knob simply by unscrewing it. In under right here should it is in two- ~ above this automobile they"re Phillips screws. Simply put your screwdriver up under there. Currently this various other Phillips screw up in here. This traction out and then ideal in right here you"ll see there"s an additional Phillips screw; the goes into the door panel. As you have the right to tell I"ve been fast forwarding as soon as I get to the monotonous stuff. You eliminate that screw and then there"s one more screw next to the rear side that the pole. At the bottom there"s two much more Phillips screws. It"s a little indent in the carpet. Placed your driver in there, twist it a little bit, you"ll gain to the screw. This vehicle has a small Torx screw here. I"m not certain if this is claimed to be over there or not. I"m going to eliminate it. This may not it is in on every cars. And also there is an additional screw here however this is damaged on my vehicle so I recognize there"s no screw in there. Then what there is there"s a collection of clips. You desire to work your hand under here and there"s one clip best here. Obtain your hand together close to those; you have the right to slide your hand underneath and also you on slide it over and you feel it getting tighter and also tighter. Then you offer a an excellent pull and get that clip out. Then come up right here on the top currently you provide a great pull; an additional clip there. On these vehicles there"s much more clips. There"s clips in the center and more on the edge, yet like i said, this vehicle"s been apart a few times. Actually, before you traction the door panel turn off you desire to traction your home window switch up in the front and then pull it out. There"s a series of harnesses that simply have small tabs. You push the tab traction the exploit down; it s okay this gray one, tab girlfriend have, traction it down. The tab below on the black one; an additional tab right here for the brown one. Now pull the dashboard away and there"s a couple of more exploit connections earlier here: a couple of tiny harnesses through a black and white connector. Press a small button here; pull that apart. There"s a blue connector here that has actually a tab top top it the you pull the wires top top the blue connector, traction the tab out. It"s difficult to see. Your break connector here; again large tab. Traction it apart. Oops. Looks favor that screws not all the way out. Okay, and your door dashboard is off. V the door panel off you have the right to see there"s a totality bunch of various places here, here, here, here, here and also all up here. Those room the different places where there would be pins. My door panel choose I stated is nice broken. Looks prefer this auto has been apart a few times so most of those pins weren"t holding anything. The just things they were holding were here, down here, and up here. Reinstalling the door dashboard is pretty much a reversal of the procedure. Very first we"re going to reconnect several of the harnesses here. Let"s see, the black color one, reconnect the black one. Get the dashboard close, blue one, and this gray one. Keep in psychic my panel doesn"t have hardly any of the tabs the should have to hold it. Put it increase here; acquire my lock through. There room some tabs that are much longer that get in holes to locate everything. I"ve acquired my former one in here. Then i pull every my harnesses through; make sure they"re not getting recorded up anywhere. I have to make certain that we gain these brackets through. I"m going to start by doing this screw which most likely you may not have, because it holds whatever in. Placed this screw down in we have actually here. An extremely carefully feed this screw in. This strap you require to have just a constant pole top top one next it"s type of a domed pole and also that you desire to it is in on top. It"s a pole with a notch in it, as well. That goes top top top. Make sure that the goes around the bracket in there and also pull it. With these you desire to make sure you"re best up against there and you feeling in, obtain it started; make sure you can"t traction it the end so it"s in the appropriate spot. Exact same thing through this one. Get it in the ideal spot here. I simply speed up through finishing that screw and then give it a rapid test. The locks back on, and if you have actually a screw down here you have the right to reinstall that together well. The switch panel; earlier that in; lock into place.We expect this help you out. Lugged to friend by Your resource for quality replacement parts and the best service on the Internet. You re welcome feel cost-free to speak to us toll-free: 888-844-3393. We"re the company that"s right here for girlfriend on the Internet and in person.