The City that Ember Reader’s overview

By Jeanne DuPrau

Category: Children’s middle Grade books

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The City that Ember is the just light in the dark world. Past Ember, the darkness goes on forever in every directions. When the youngsters of the city the Ember finish school, they begin work in ~ 12 years of age. . . .Lina Mayfleet desperately wants to it is in a messenger. Messengers invest their job outside, running from one edge of the city come the other. Instead, she paint, etc the dreaded project of Pipeworks laborer, which method she’ll be stuck in tunnels deep underground.Doon Harrow paint, etc messenger—and asks to trade with Lina! Doon wants to it is in underground. That’s where the generator is, and also Doon has ideas about how to deal with it. For as lengthy as anyone can remember, the great lights of Ember have kept the countless darkness the surrounds the city at bay. But now the lamp are starting to flicker.When Lina finds pieces of an ancient parchment, she and also Doon placed the pieces with each other to discover a post that seems to it is in directions the end of the city.

Questions and Topics because that Discussion

1. Doon and also Lina like an extremely different things. Doon wants to work-related in the Pipeworks; Lina yearns to be a messenger. Doon likes come study how things work. Lina likes to run and explore. But their friendship grows because they are eventually searching because that the same thing. Exactly how do they enhance one another and assist one an additional develop with the novel?

2. Planet today has countless environmental and also social issues. What kind of problems might have brought about the building of the City that Ember?

3. Clary tells Lina, “Everyone has actually some darkness inside.” (p. 168) Light and also color both pat very an essential roles in the novel. In what ways, various other than the failing street lamps, are color and also light important?

4. The opportunity of never-ending darkness changes many that Lina’s friends and many the the townspeople. She discovers that her friend Lizzie has begun to accept things from Looper, who is stealing things from the storerooms. Why walk Lina turn down the gifts that Lizzie uses her? do you think the she was ideal to carry out so?

5. The city the Ember was built when world were worried the the person race might not survive. Do you think this was a good plan?

6. The market is the most corrupt character in the novel. That squelches the thirst because that knowledge and also limits freedom, yet the bulk of the townspeople just accept his behavior. Why carry out you think they action this way? What various other actions might they have actually taken?

7. Civilization react in various means when they feel threatened. Just how do the world of Ember reaction to danger? have actually you seen civilization reacting to risk in this ways? how are Poppy’s actions vital to the plot?

8. In ~ the finish of the novel, Lina, Doon, and Poppy have discovered a sunlit earth. What do you think will end up being of them in the sequel? carry out you think the there are other people on the surface?

About this Author

Jeanne DuPrau has been a teacher, an editor, and also a technological writer.

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The City the Ember is her an initial novel. She is at this time working ~ above the sequel at her home in Menlo Park, California, wherein she keeps a big garden and a little dog.From the Hardcover edition.