(meets plural & 3rd person present) (meeting present participle) (met past it is too dirty & previous participle )

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1  v-recip If you accomplish someone, you occur to it is in in the same place as them and start talk to them. Friend may understand the various other person, yet be surprised to check out them, or you may not know them at all. I have just met the guy I desire to invest the remainder of my life with...  V n He"s the kindest and also sincerest person I"ve ever before met...  V n We met by chance.  pl-n V   Meet up means the exact same as meet., phrasal verb When he remained in the supermarket, he met up through a buddy he had at Oxford...  V P through n They met increase in 1956, as soon as they to be both young schoolboys.  pl-n V P 
2  v-recip 
If two or more people meet, they go to the very same place, which lock have earlier arranged come do, so the they can talk or do something together. We might meet for a drink after ~ work...  pl-n V Meet me under at the beach tomorrow, in ~ 6am sharp.  V n   Meet up method the very same as meet., unit volume verb We have tendency to meet up for lunch when a week...  pl-n V P My intention to be to have a holiday and meet up with old friends.  V P v n 
3  verb 
If you accomplish someone, girlfriend are introduced to them and also begin talking to them and also getting to understand them. Hey, Terry, come and meet my Dad.  V n 
4  verb 
You use accomplish in expressions such together `Pleased to meet you" and `Nice to have actually met you" when you desire to politely speak hello or good-bye to someone you have just met for the first time., (formulae) `Jennifer," miss out on Mallory said, `this is Leigh Van-Voreen."—`Pleased to satisfy you," Jennifer said...  V n I need to leave. Pretty to have actually met you.  V n 
5  verb 
If you fulfill someone off their train, plane, or bus, you go to the station, airport, or bus stop in order to be there when they arrive. Mama met me at the station...  V n prep/adv Lili and also my father met me off the boat...  V n off n Kurt"s parental weren"t maybe to accomplish our aircraft so us took a taxi.  V n 
6  verb 
When a group of human being such as a committee meet, they gather together for a specific purpose. Officials from the two countries will meet again soon to resume negotiations...  V The board of directors met 14 times between 1988 and 1991.  V 
7  verb 
If you accomplish with someone, you have actually a meeting with them.  (mainly AM) Most of the lawmakers who met with the president yesterday stated they donate the mission.  V v n 
8  verb 
If something such as a suggestion, proposal, or brand-new book meets v or is met through a certain reaction, that gets the reaction indigenous people. The idea met through a cool solution from miscellaneous quarters...  V through n Reagan"s speech was met v incredulity in the US.  V n v n 
9  verb 
If something meets a need, requirement, or condition, the is great enough to carry out what is required. (=satisfy) The present arrangements because that the care of severely mentally ill world are poor to meet their needs...  V n Out the the initial 23,000 applications, 16,000 candidates satisfy the entrance requirements.  V n 
10  verb 
If you fulfill something such together a problem or challenge, you address it satisfactorily or execute what is required. They had worked heroically to meet the deadline.  V n 
11  verb 
If you accomplish the expense of something, you carry out the money the is needed for it. The government said it will help meet few of the expense of the damage...  V n As your income increases friend will discover less an obstacle in detect the money to fulfill your monthly repayments.  V n 
12  verb 
If you accomplish a situation, attitude, or problem, you experience it or become conscious of it. (=come across, encounter) I open minded don"t know exactly how I will react the following time I accomplish a perhaps dangerous situation...  V n 
13  verb 
You can say the someone meets through success or failure as soon as they room successful or unsuccessful. Attempts to discover civilian volunteers have met with embarrassing failure...  V v n 
14  v-recip 
When a relocating object meets one more object, it access time or touch it. You sense the stress in the hull every time the keel meets the ground...  V n Nick"s head bent slowly over hers until their mouths met.  pl-n V 
15  v-recip 
If her eyes satisfy someone else"s, you both look in ~ each various other at the very same time. WRITTEN Nina"s eye met her sisters" throughout the table...  V n I discovered myself smiling back instinctively when our eyes met.  pl-n V 
16  v-recip 
If two areas meet, especially two locations of floor or sea, castle are beside one another. It is among the rare locations in the world where the desert meets the sea.  V n ...the southernmost allude of southern America whereby the Pacific and Atlantic oceans meet.  pl-n V 
17  v-recip 
The place where 2 lines meet is the location where they join together. Parallel lines will certainly never meet no matter how much extended...  pl-n V The track widened together it met the road.  V n 
18  v-recip 
If two sportsmen, teams, or militaries meet, they compete or fight versus one another. The 2 women will accomplish tomorrow in the final...  pl-n V ...when England last met the Aussies in a cricket check match.  V n 
19  n-count 
A fulfill is an event in i beg your pardon athletes come to a certain place in order to take component in a gyeongju or races. John Pennel became the an initial person to pole-vault 17 ft., in ~ a fulfill in Miami, Florida.  
20 If you carry out not meet someone"s eyes or meet someone"s gaze, you carry out not look in ~ them although they room looking at you, for example because you space ashamed. ♦meet sb"s eyes/gaze 
 phrase V inflects He hesitated, climate shook his head, refusing to accomplish her eyes.  
21 If someone meets their fatality or meets your end, they die, particularly in a violent or suspicious way. WRITTEN ♦meet one"s death/meet one"s end 
 phrase V inflects Jacob Sinclair met his death at the hands of a soldier...  
22  → to make ends meet 
 → end  → there"s much more to this than meets the eye  → eye  → to fulfill someone"s eyes  → eye  → to satisfy someone halfway  → halfway  → to satisfy your match  → match meet up  → meet 1, 2 

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