Even if girlfriend don’t know his name, you recognize his music. Lenny Williams’ classic ballad “Cause i Love You” has been sampled by anyone from Kanye West come Scarface and remains among the most popular love song of the previous thirty years.

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Fact: Lenny Williams winner a BMI Award v Kanye West for Twista’s “Overnight Celebrity”

The Arkansas-born California aboriginal was when the lead singer the the group Tower that Power and also has had much success together a solo artist. Now, thanks to Young Jeezy, a newer generation that music fans space being exposed to his music.

On TM103 Young producer M-16 samples Williams “Let’s talk It Over” because that Jeezy’s latest hit “I Do,” The initial song to be released as a single in 1979 ~ above MCA Records.

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“I assumed it was going to it is in my follow-up come ‘Cause ns love you’ and I was trying to carry out a comparable song,” says Williams that the track. “But we finished up doing it a little faster than I want to in ~ the end. So i couldn’t acquire my talking on. It’s a great song, I always felt it was kind of wasted and also here that is every these year later and Jeezy discovered it. It’s amazing to see what touch people. It’s gotta be thirty year later and they discovered it. Their version has a the majority of nice strings. They got me humming in the back. Ns love it.”

“I Do, i Do”

So with two the his song anchoring hip-hop hits is there anything rather he feels might get the sample treatment?

“I constantly wondered why nobody ever sampled ‘Choosing You’,” the says. “Especially the brand-new York rappers. ‘Choosing You’ to be a #1 struggle in brand-new York top top WBLS. It’s one uptempo song with the strings. I think ray Parker, Jr. Is playing on it and also the guys from Lakeside are signing and playing on it.”

“Choosing You”

In addition to his considerable catalog from the 60s and also 70s, Williams has actually been recording new music together well. He released an album in 2009 dubbed Unfinished Business with the hilarious “Sorry i Didn’t recognize That Was her Momma”, i beg your pardon he claims is based on a true story.

“I was at a club one night v the band and also I was walking about on a break and also I saw this table that ladies,” that begins. “I walk over and also holla and also you watch they look choose a particular age. However one of the girls at the table said ‘hey don’t it is in talkin choose that to my momma.’ It’s interesting because momma had the small tattoo, the sleep ring, earring, tongue ring…They dress choose Beyonce and also want you come treat ’em choose Eartha Kitt.”

With stories choose that it’s basic to view why Lenny Williams will certainly have much more music coming in 2012. In the meantime fight him up on Twitter